How to Fluff a Pillow Top Mattress

Have you ever used a pillow top mattress? Do you know how to use and maintain a pillow-top mattress? If no, then go through the article to know about the pillow top mattress. In this article, I will focus on all the important facts of the pillow mattress top mattress such as who can use it and how this mattress can be used and maintained properly.

The pillow-top mattress is very comfortable for those people who sleep on the sides. And if you want to use it for a longer time then you will have to maintain it properly. Without a proper maintenance, it can lose the comfort as well. Hence, for the better and lasting use, you need to maintain your pillow top mattress well.

The best thing

The best thing about the pillow top mattress is that it does not demand any hard effort and attention for the maintenance. With a minimal effort, you can use it comfortably for a longer time. After using this mattress, you would never like to choose any other mattress as no other mattress can match with the comfort level of the pillow top mattress.

Pillow top mattress normally comes with a pillow like a layer attached to the top of your mattress. While rotating the mattress from the head to the foot, this layer cannot be filled over. For removing the indentation left by the regular and continuous use, you just need to fluff your pillow top mattress occasionally. Otherwise, it can damage your mattress permanently.

Follow this

You need to follow some simple cleaning procedure to fluff your pillow top mattress. Every mattress has some different requirements for the cleaning and maintenance. Hence, it is important to follow the proper instruction to make the procedure safe and easy.

You can follow the instructions that come with the warranty card of the mattress. If your mattress is a new one and still it has warranty then you should not follow any procedure that can void the warranty. Read the instruction carefully before starting to fluff your mattress.

How to fluff a pillow top mattress

If there is no specific instruction in the mattress, then consider the following steps to fluff your pillow top mattress. In the case of the instructions, follow them strictly to avoid any damage.

Rotate your Mattress

First, rotate your mattress from end to the end, putting the foot end to the headboard side. This process can help the necessity to fluff the mattress that can damage the fabrics of your mattress.

As the pillow top mattresses are usually padded on one side, you just need to rotate them occasionally to reduce the wear and to maintain its comfort level. You can follow this practice at least once in a year. Even if you have a double-sided pillow top, you can follow the same procedure for the long-term benefits.

Clean the Mattress

Now you should clean the mattress to remove all the sheets. You can also wash the mattress before replacing. For the washing, sprinkle some baking soda on the top of your mattress and allow the soda to sit for about ten to fifteen minutes. Baking soda will remove the oils and others from the mattress and can give it a fresh look.

Vacuum your Mattress

After fifteen minutes, use a canister vacuum to vacuum the pillow top and the outer surface of your pillow top mattress. This process will clean the removable dust, baking soda, dust mites, and other dust particles from the mattress.

You can fluff your mattress once in every six months or once in a year. But you need to vacuum it in every two months to kill the allergens and to keep your mattress fresh and hygienic.

Hang up the removable top

If your mattress has a removable top then take it outside and hang it over a well-built clothesline. If it does not have one, then go to the next step directly.

Use a broom

You should put a dust mask to protect yourself from the allergens and dust. Then take a broom and clean all the areas of your pillow top mattress. Clean every area to ensure that it is properly cleaned.

Follow these simple instructions to fluff your pillow top mattress and to use it comfortably for a long time.

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