How To Get Milk Out Of A Mattress

Milk is one of those things that can really stain and even smell if spilled onto a mattress.  Milk can really smell if it’s left on the mattress for too long.

So what do you do when you spill milk on a mattress? Well, you don’t cry about it! (Sorry I had to do that lame joke – I don’t get to use it often).

Soak It Up

The first thing you need to do is soak up any milk that is on the mattress. The more you can soak up the better and easier your work is in the future.

You don’t want the milk to soak too far in and really make it smell. So grab some rags and absorb and blot as much of the milk as you can.

Tip: If you use a Mattress Protector like this* one you can avoid spills getting to your mattress and ruining it. Your modern-day mattress protectors feel like normal bed sheets and are great to sleep on. 

Avoid Baking Soda and Vinegar

The internet is just full of people saying to use baking soda and vinegar to clean up any mess. It’s kind of annoying to get the same answer over and over.

I very rarely use baking soda to clean up a mess. The reason is that many of the sites that say to use baking soda and then vacuum it up to get rid of odors are actually doing damage to your vacuum. Vacuums are not really made to be picking up the dust of the baking soda and you could be destroying the motor on your vacuum by doing so.

Vinegar, on the other hand, can clean, but milk is a little tougher than Vinegar can handle. You can try it, but you’ll need something better.

The reason people recommend vinegar so much is because its safe.

Something Better

The something better is cleaners you can get made for odors and spills on mattresses.

The DP (de-pee) has no bleach, chlorine, dyes, alcohol or ammonia. It also works on carpets, clothing, furniture or even messes in the car.

To really make sure you get the mattress clean you can use a Spot Cleaner. You do have to be careful when using these on a certain mattress as they can be a little too rough for them. So make sure to follow the directions and try it out on a small area before going full blast.

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