How To Stop Mattress Spring From Squeaking

Nothing more annoying than a squeaking mattress spring. Every time you move you get the annoying squeak in your ear that can rattle you awake when you’re trying to sleep.

The noise you could be hearing might not even be the mattress or its springs. It could be the box spring, the bed frame, or even the floor under your mattress.

To stop the sounds of a squeaking bed is to first locate the area of the squeaking.

Locate The Squeaking – Remove The Mattress

What you want to do to stop the noise is remove each part of the bed to find the squeaking.

Remove all the covers and blankets of the bed and place them to the side. Remove the mattress from the box spring or bed frame and place it somewhere else on the floor.

Lay your mattress on the floor. Try rolling around on your mattress to see if you hear any squeaking. If you don’t hear any squeaking at all then it might not be the mattress at fault.

If you do hear squeaking coming from the mattress then it might be the mattresses springs causing the issue. Not really one good solution to stop the springs in the mattress from squeaking since they’re all sealed up. The only way to not have the noise from the mattress is to get a mattress that has no springs in it like a Memory Foam Mattress.

Usually, a mattress will start to squeak if it old and worn out. It might be time for a new mattress. Especially if your mattress is over 5 to 7 years old.

I know what you’re thinking, mattresses can be expensive, and shopping for a mattress is no fun. But did you know you can buy mattresses online? When you buy online you don’t deal with any pushy salespeople and it gets shipped to your door. Plus the mattresses you buy online can be more affordable than the ones at the mattress store!

It’s Not The Mattress Springs

If the springs in the mattress are not causing the squeaking then the next option will be to look at the box spring.

What I like to do is take the palm of my hand and just tap the top of the box spring. If you hit a sweet spot then you’ll hear a slight squeak.

If it is the box spring then you can flip it over and usually they have a flap or an open area underneath. You can lubricate the spring that needs it to stop the squeak.

The mattress could also not be perfectly centered on the box spring and that might cause it to squeak a little. Make sure the mattress is centered on the box spring to cut down the noise.

Don’t forget that box springs and foundations wear out too. I see many people buy new mattresses every so often but never buy a new bed frame/foundation. If it is the box spring/foundation/bed frame then you might want to consider a new one.

If you can’t find any squeaks coming from the mattress or box spring then its time to move on to the bed frame.

The Bed Frame

The bed frame is probably the spot where most of the squeaks come from. Over time the screws that hold the frame together can come loose and cause the frame to make all kind of noises.

With the mattress and the box spring removed try wiggling the bed frame a little. If it wiggles too much or even squeaks then you have found the source of the problem.

The squeaking can occur from two pieces of wood rubbing against each other. Using petroleum jelly where the points of the wood meet can stop the squeaking.

Go around and tighten all the bolts, but don’t overtighten. The areas that squeak the most might just need some WD-40 put on them just for good measure. Since you got the mattress off the frame and box spring why not spray just a little bit of WD-40 in areas that touch just to go the extra mile.

Still No Good

If its not the mattress, box spring, or even the bed frame stops the squeaking then you got to think outside the box.

More than likely its the floor that the mattress is on. Try moving the bed a few inches in any direction to see if the squeaking stops.

If that doesn’t work then grab some long wood planks to put under each foot of the mattress. The planks will distribute the load of the bed. Sometimes a bed leg is very focused point of contact to the floor and can cause it to squeak, putting the plank of wood under it shares the load out to the floor.

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