9 Ways to Wake up When Your Alarm Fails You

Day after day you’re always late, why can’t you get here on time? It doesn’t matter; we’re going to have to let you go.

Yes, I got fired because my alarm clock doesn’t wake me up.

There is nothing more embarrassing than getting fired for something so simple but yet something I have a hard time controlling.

You probably know the feeling.

It was not easy but losing my job was just enough to push me to figure out how to wake up when I need to. I spent time figuring out why I was this way and what options are out there. I found a few interesting things about waking up that I want to share with you.

What Worked The Best

I later found out that I was getting up before the sun would rise and this confused my body. Come to find out that the light from the sun and the raising heat triggers our bodies to wake up.

I thought great! I just need something that wakes me up using light!

Come to find out they make light alarm clocks. Then I also found out these things, or the ones that are worth it, are not cheap.

Being the problem solver that I am, I bought wifi smart outlets and connected it to a bright light bulb in a lamp. We’re talking 1,000+ lumens bright.

It’s not as fancy because it doesn’t slowly wake you up like the purpose-built light alarms. But it wakes me up, and that is all that matters.

If I had the cash, I would also get those nice digital thermostats where you can program the temperature. I would have it start to raise the temp 10 degrees more 30 minutes before I wake up. Combine this with the light turning on, our bodies will think the sun is rising and wake us up.

Same Song And Dance

I had a friend recommend to me not to use the same alarm clock sound every day.

I play “The Bravery Above And Below” song every morning for my alarm clock sound. I realized my brain was getting used to hearing this song play and was ignoring it.

To solve this I set up my iPhone to play a different song every morning. A new song was a new alarm clock sound.

Every night I pick a new song to wake up to and don’t worry about getting used to hearing one song.

Babies Crying

The changing the alarm sound every night had me researching many things on the topic.

I even found where people use crying babies as alarm clock sounds. They say we naturally wake up to a crying baby because of evolution and stuff.

But this one just seems odd to me. Especially if you have a baby. How do you know which is which?

But it could be an option if you want to go down that road.

Have Some Water

Another trick I learned was to drink 2 to 3 glasses of water before bed.

The idea is that your bladder will wake you up.

I don’t like this idea, but it does work. Sometimes works too well if you hate waking up 2 hours before you need to.

I say buy a mattress protector just in case you’re a deep sleeper and miss the call from nature.

The Habit Of Waking Up

Come to find out that I was not good at going to sleep.

I would go to sleep at a different time every night. Some nights I was good and went to bed at 9 pm. Some nights it was 2 am. Then it could be 1 or 11 or 3, who knew. Different days had different things going on.

I found out that I needed to make sleeping a habit. Something I did every day at the same time. No matter what.

It was hard. But over time I found that if I went to bed at 10, I would have fewer issues getting up at 7.

It becomes so routine I often found myself waking up before 7. It’s like my body became it’s own alarm clock and knew when it was time.

Exercise More

Yes, I’m going to say it – just like everyone else – you need to exercise more.

I hate hearing it too.

But it’s the truth. When you exercise more your body loves it, and you get better sleep. Better sleep means you don’t have an issue with getting up.

The best sleep I get is when I’m physically exhausted from the day. It’s just the way of life.

Get Some More D’s!

Vitamin D that is!

The sun has a lot to do with us and sleep. Some of us don’t get the right amount of vitamin D, and it’s keeping us up.

I’m not going to pretend to be a doctor as I don’t know anything about this so please check out this article to learn more. Vitamin D.

Too Much Sleep

This is going to sound odd, but you could be getting too much sleep.

Our bodies sleep in cycles, and your alarm clock could be waking you during a bad time.

There are even apps you can get that will wake you at a light sleep cycle.

Go To The Doctor

Since we’re on the topic of our bodies and doctors. You might need to see your doctor.

Might have to get some blood work done to see what your body is lacking. Who knows it might not be your alarm clocks fault but something medical?

You might even have a form of narcolepsy. I even have a post on the best alarm clock for narcolepsy here. Warning, those alarm clocks are seriously loud and annoying.

You could also be suffering from depression. It’s hard to get out of bed when depressed. Even if you don’t think you’re suffering from depression, I would still see a doctor about it. Depression is real, and I’ve lost family because of it.

What Didn’t Work

I’ve got to add the things that did not work for me.

Come to find out those alarm clocks that make you solve puzzles don’t work. I could answer those in my sleep. And did.

And the buzzing alarm clocks or the ones that jump away are more gimmicky than anything else.