Long Term? Sleep on an Air Mattress Every Night?

There is nothing wrong with Sleeping on an Air Mattress every night or for the long-term, but should you? There are really only 3 reasons why people consider sleeping on an Air Mattress.

Either they can’t afford a new mattress, or they just need something temporary for a couple of weeks or months, or lastly, they have back issues.

Out of those 3 reasons the back issues is the only legitimate reason to sleep on an Air Mattress for extended periods of time.

Let me explain why price and temporary use is a stupid reason to use an Air Mattress.

The reasons to avoid sleeping on a cheap air mattress…

  • Air Mattress sleep cool, like super cool. So on those cold mornings, it feels like you’re sleeping on a block of ice.
  • Air Mattresses deflate – constantly! Who wants to be bothered by pumping up a mattress before sleeping?
  • They’re loud. Just any movement and sheets rub and make a plastic sound that gets old quick.
  • Bad at motion transfer and will wake your partner if you move even a little bit.

Price or Temporary Issue

If you’re moving or for some reason, you end up with no mattress and also have no money you may assume to get an Air Mattress.

What you see at your local department store or online is that Air Mattresses go for $80 to $200 for your basic ones. Great right? A new mattress is going to cost hundreds if not thousands more, so it only makes sense to get an air mattress right?


If you just need a temporary mattress that doesn’t cost a lot, you can buy some very affordable mattresses online that are far better than an air mattress could ever be.

You have 3 options in my opinion that are far better than using an Air Mattress every day.

1) A step above an Air Mattress: A folding memory foam mattress is far better and more comfortable than any camping style air mattress you can get. Plus, just like the air mattress, these things can be stored away easily while keeping that minimalist look.

2)Affordable Mattress: The next level up from a folding mattress is just a simple, affordable mattress like this one here (Amazon Link Ad). Here is a little tip, buying mattresses online is a whole lot cheaper than buying at a retail store. Retail stores have a ton more overhead, and they pass that cost on to you. Buying online avoids this high cost and you don’t have to deal with annoying salespeople either. These affordable mattresses are perfect for anyone who just needs a mattress for a couple of months or even a couple years. They will hold up better than any air mattress you come across!

3)Thicker Mattress: The next step would be a thicker version of the affordable mattress. Even these mattresses are affordable and meant to be a mattress replacement. I’m a fan of the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Here (Amazon Link Ad), but there is many to choose from. At this point, this is not a temporary mattress but more of a permanent mattress that will be fine on the floor until you can get a bed frame for it. And yes, there are some affordable bed frames too! And no, you don’t need a box spring with a memory foam mattress.

Back Pain

About the only reason, I can see to use an Air Mattress for the long-term or every day is if you have back pains. They say because you can adjust the firmness of an air mattress to suit your back.

Make sense right?

The problem is that if you have a cheap air mattress, then you will be making this adjustment all the time. Usually, this adjustment requires you to bend over and adjust the air which I find to be annoying and uncomfortable.

Not really solving the issue if it just creates two more issues.

So if you need an Air Mattress due to back pains, then you can’t go cheap. Sorry. But finding relief can be worth the cost if you ask me.

The problem you’re going to run into unless you want those nice sleep number beds is that many of the air mattresses you find don’t recommend everyday use. This can make it tricky to find the best air mattress for long-term use.

Just remember when using an air mattress that you must inflate it then top it up some more as the material will stretch the first night.

I need to point this out: Many people get an air mattress because they suffer from back pains, but the fact is that an air mattress will do more damage in the long run. You may find release when sleeping on an air mattress, but they don’t offer the best support. I know this won’t stop many of you from using an air bed but please don’t make it a permanent thing to sleep on.

If you have back issues or pains issues, then please consider a mattress like the Snuggle-Pedic Mattress. They’re a USA Mattress Maker, and they’re super easy to deal with when it comes to making your mattress work for you.

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