Mattresses Without Springs – Are They Worth It?

Spring Mattresses are old and just not right for your back, yet they’re the most popular mattress on the market. It’s just silly that people fall for the advertising gimmicks of spring mattresses. The worst part is that spring mattresses can cost more and give you less!

Did you know you can get a mattress without springs? Yes, they do exist.

Without springs, what supports you?

You have two types of springless mattresses, Memory Foam and Latex. Let’s learn what makes them so great…

Memory Foam

They make entire beds out of foam, yes foam. It’s not the foam that many of you are thinking about. Memory foam is a different breed of foam that gives the body great support and comfort. They even have a different version of memory foam with GEL in them to help with better cooling too.

Spring mattresses can put un-needed pressure points on the body which make it very uncomfortable to sleep on. While a Memory Foam mattress does not have springs, so you don’t get those pressure points. Instead, Memory Foam cradles the body by shaping it.

Memory foam will adjust to fit your body a lot better than any old spring mattress ever will. But that’s not the impressive part. The impressive part is that some memory foam mattresses are more affordable then the beds you buy at the retail stores.

I know some people think memory foam beds are expensive, but that is not true. While there are some expensive memory foam beds out there, there are some more affordable options too.

The way you find the more affordable memory foam beds is by getting them online. When you buy online, you avoid the hefty and crazy markup that retail stores have.

Perks of Memory Foam:

  • Contours to the body better than a Spring mattress
  • Little to no motion transfer. You won’t wake your partner if you get out of bed.
  • Better for allergies as the denseness of the material doesn’t hold bugs and other allergens as easy as a spring mattress.
  • Displaces pressure better. This helps with body pains, doesn’t put as much pressure on the body as compared to a Spring Mattress.
  • Can be more affordable if bought online compared to buying a Spring Mattress at a Retail Store.
  • Easier move around once you get it. They ship memory foam mattresses compressed in a box to cut down on shipping cost which also makes it easier if you got to put it upstairs or in an RV.

What’s the downside of memory foam?

It may seem like the memory foam beds are the perfect beds compared to the spring mattress. While they do have plenty of positive features, they do have one thing that many people don’t like.

Memory foam can sleep warmer than a regular spring mattress. The good news is that this is not much of a problem with modern memory foam beds. While it used to be a big issue 15 years ago, it has pretty much been solved.

Many of the memory foam beds you get today have some type of cooling with it. They design many of them with better airflow to allow you to stay cooler when you sleep.

What about latex?

Latex is the other springless mattress option. A latex mattress is very similar to the memory foam beds but a lot nicer.

Latex is the Rolls Royce of foam beds.

One downside of Memory Foam is that it wants to suck you into the bed. So getting in and out of bed is a bit different then getting in and out of a spring mattress. A spring mattress you can bounce out of the bed while memory foam has no bounce. This bounceless feature keeps you from waking your partner in bed.

Latex is more springy than memory foam, so it’s a good compromise if you’re used to the springy nature of an innerspring mattress.

Latex also gives better support and comfort compared to memory foam.

Many of the latex mattresses also have better airflow compared to memory foam too!

Latex also can be made from natural materials which makes it better for the environment.

So… What’s the catch?

The problem with Latex Mattresses is that they can be more expensive compared to its Memory Foam brother. Even though Latex has been around longer, it still is more costly to manufacture. The demand for Latex has never really skyrocketed as it did for memory foam as there are not many people advertising it.

Getting over the hurdle of manufacture and cost, Latex is the best of all 3 mattresses.

The best of all worlds

The way to get the best of all features is to get a hybrid mattress. They sell hybrid mattress with either a new type of memory foam or they have a combination of memory foam and latex.

You could even just buy a regular memory foam mattress and then purchase a latex topper so that you have your own hybrid if you wanted.

To be honest, it would be easier and better just to go with a hybrid style mattress.

The best mattress without springs I have ever come across is the Tuft & Needle with the proprietary foam. They have figured the mattress out and delivered one of the best sleeping beds.

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