Does Plywood Fix a Sagging Mattress?

Plywood will not fix a sagging mattress as much as everyone thinks it does. The problem is the box spring and how the entire area is made to flex and move and plywood does not help this.

The best thing to do is either get a Mattress Helper, new Bed Frame, or a new Mattress. This post won’t be about how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood, but instead about how to fix a sagging mattress the right way.

Mattress Helper

A Mattress Helper* lifts the part of the mattress that is sagging. Plywood covers the entire mattress and doesn’t get in the area that is sagging like the Mattress Helper does.

Plus, the Mattress Helper will work better with a box spring if you have one. This is a far better option then the plywood boards that everyone talks about.

The Mattress Helper is the best thing to use if you have a pillow top mattress as plywood does not work well unless you want to make that pillow top firmer.

Bed Frame

One of the biggest reasons why a mattress starts to sag is from the bed frame or the box spring. Either the bed frame or more than likely the box spring has worn out and not holding the correct support.

The best thing to do is get a platform bed frame; a metal platform bed frame works better as it can be more sturdy. A Metal Platform Bed Frame will work fine for many.

If your bed frame or box spring is over 7 years old then its time for a new one.

New Mattress

If your mattress is sagging and you’re hoping to fix it with plywood then why kid yourself. Your mattress is worn out and its time for a new one.

I know what you’re thinking, and no you don’t need to deal with those annoy retail mattress stores. You can buy a Memory Foam Mattress online and avoid the hassles of salespeople. Plus, the mattresses you buy online tend to be more affordable than the ones you normally get at retail stores.

If you’re new to sleeping on Memory Foam or it’s been years since you bought a new mattress you need to keep in mind that just like shoes you need to break it in. You’ve been sleeping on a mattress that is worn out to your body, so it will take time for your new mattress to get used to you. Once it does it becomes the best sleep ever!

Will a Mattress Topper Help a Sagging Mattress?

No, not really. It can help a bit if its a 4 inch or more and supportive Mattress Topper. But it would be best to get a new mattress at this point. A new mattress is more cost effective than buying a thick memory foam mattress topper.

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