Review of Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame

If you’re tired of the same old boring black, silver or tan colored bed frames, then this bed frame is for you. The Stella Metal Platform Bed Frame comes in a kind of grey/champagne color that looks amazing.

This color is so much nicer and better finish than many of the other bed frames we have seen.

If you need a modern and nicely colored bed frame that is also sturdy, then this one will do the trick.

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The bed frame comes in one box with everything you need to make it whole. We do recommend that you have 2 people carry this bed inside as it is quite heavy.

Shipping Weight

Here is the shipping weight for each size…

  • Twin is about 58 pounds
  • Full is about 75 pounds
  • Queen is about 76 pounds
  • King is about 93 pounds

I say “about” as some of the weights may change over time.


You don’t need a box spring for this bed frame. We actually recommend you don’t use a box spring at all. I’ve seen people complain about a mattress being uncomfortable but come to find out it was because they used a worn out box spring.

Make sure to read what your mattress requires for slats on a platform bed frame. Sometimes mattress manufacturers require you to have a slatted bed with only so much distance between slats. If this is an issue, then get a flat piece of wood to put under the mattress.

If you want you can use a box spring, but it’s not needed.

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Clearance Under The Bed Frame

The clearance you have under the Stella Metal Bed Frame (Grey / Champagne) is about 7 inches.

I know some people buy platform bed frames for the storage under them, but I always tell people if you sleep warm to avoid putting anything under your bed. Too much stuff can restrict airflow and sometimes having a bed frame that sits closer to the floor is a good thing. The closer you can get to the floor without being on the floor the cooler it is.

Frame and Slats

The bed frame is made out of a strong and durable metal. The slats are wooden and offer excellent support to most mattresses. Just make sure to see what slat size your mattress requires.

The best feature of this bed frame is the thick and wide slats. I’ve had bed frames in the past with thin and skinny slats that don’t last long. Seeing thick and wide ones like the ones on this bed frame is something I really like seeing.


This bed frame does not make any noise. Even getting in and out of bed this bed does not make any crazy noises.

The Slide

A mattress placed on this bed frame will not slide much if not at all. The weight of most mattresses and the friction of the wooden slats is enough to keep a mattress from sliding on a bed frame like this one.

Adult Activities

This bed frame holds up very well to any “adult activities” you may do on it. It does not make much noise at all and is very supportive.

Center Support

There are center support legs on this bed frame. I know some mattress manufacturers require you to have center legs if you want to keep your mattress warranty.

The Color

I really like the color of this platform bed. It’s nice to see the Champagne/Gray color and not the boring black or silver color you see on other platform beds.


What I like about this bed frame were the instructions. They’re clear and easy to understand. You get many things these days with horrible and hard to read instructions, it’s just nice to have clear and easy to comprehend instructions every so often.

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