Is it Safe? Electric Blankets on Memory Foam?

Is it safe to have an electric blanket or electric pad on top of a Memory Foam Mattress or Memory Foam Topper?

Yes, generally it is safe.

But not all blankets, toppers, or even mattresses are safe to use with electric blankets.

Let us go over some of the best items to buy or use when you have an electric blanket on memory foam mattress or topper.

What to Buy

If you’re worried about your mattress or mattress topper when using an electric blanket, then there are items you should buy that help reduce this fear.

First up is the electric blanket. Only buy electric blankets that have an auto-shutoff feature. You want one with a 3-hour auto shut off.

Now, for the memory foam mattress/topper you can solve very quickly. Just buy a Mattress Protector. Not just any protector will do, you need one that is made with fire retardants. Just place the Mattress Protector over the topper and mattress, and you’re good to go. Do not put the electric blanket under the Protector!

Safety and Flammability of Memory Foam Mattresses

There really is no safety or flammability issue with most of your modern memory foam mattresses. Many of your mattresses or toppers you buy today are treated with a cover to protect against fire. There does exist some mattresses that don’t have any protection so a mattress protector with fire retardants in it is a must. It’s best to assume you have no protection on your mattress and just buy a protector. (plus, some protectors save against water and dust mites too!)

Unless you have an electric blanket that is shooting sparks out, then you really have no issue to worry about fire. If you do have sparks or a torn electric blanket then its time to get rid of that one immediately. If your electric blanket is 3 to 5 years old then its time for a new one. It’s best to not use old electric blankets as they wear out over time.

Tip: The toppers or mattresses that are a concern for safety is the cheap “egg-crate” foam toppers or even mattresses. I would avoid egg crate style toppers when using an electric blanket unless told on the packaging that is treated for flammability.

Extended Heat

The reason why people say not use an Electric Blanket is because extended heat on a topper or memory foam mattress can cause damage to it.

The way memory foam works is by forming to your body due to heat softening up the foam. Too much heat for too long can destroy the supporting nature of memory foam rendering it broken.

This is why it’s important to use an electric blanket sparingly. Some mattress manufacturers like Tempurpedic recommend you don’t use any electric pads or blankets and they could void your warranty.

What they recommend instead is getting an electric heater and pre-heat the room for 20 minutes before you go to bed.

Instead of an Electric Blanket: A more ingenious way I found to pre-heat the bed is by using a BedJet. A BedJet will blow cool or warm air under the covers and I find it more effective than any electric blanket. There is no point of heating the whole room when the BedJet can heat just the mattress like an electric blanket would.

Where to Place Electric Blanket

The best place to put an electric blanket if you have a mattress topper is to place it on top of the topper. Do not put it under the mattress topper as it will soften the bottom of the topper first and will feel very odd to sleep on.

Best and Safest to Buy?

The best mattress toppers and the safest (and natural) material to buy is Wool. Wool is a miracle material as it is naturally fire retardant and works the best to regulate your own body heat.

With a Wool Topper, you don’t need an Electric Blanket. Wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer; it is amazing.

I would avoid buying an electric blanket to use on my topper and instead just get a Wool Mattress Topper instead. Just check out the reviews on this Wool Topper, and you’ll see that people love wool!


Since so many mattress and topper manufacturers say no to putting an electric cover over their products, you will have to be the ultimate decider.

My opinion is that I have never had an issue in all these years. But I have found good compromises such as buying a Wool Mattress Topper like this one*, using a BedJet, or just place a fire retardant mattress protector down.

In the end, it is up to you to pick. Be sure to read all the documents and labels of the product before buying.

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