How to Stop From Hitting Your Toe on Your Bed

If you’re like me, then you’re accident prone. I have a bed frame that is notorious for stubbing my toe or really cutting my leg on the end pieces that support the mattress.

I have searched and found some clever ways to keep from hurting yourself from your bed.

Stubbed Toe – Pool Noodle

You can buy some bed frames with recessed legs so that you don’t have to worry about hitting your toe on the legs. But that’s not always reasonable to do when you got a perfectly good bed frame now.

I’ve had friends tell me to wrap some old towels around the bed’s legs so that it won’t hurt when you hit it. The problem with towels is that they slowly unwind and the metal of the leg gets exposed again.

So a simple and better solution is to get a pool noodle. Take a pool noodle and cut it the height of the leg, then cut it vertical so that you have two long pieces. Clamp the two sides around the legs of the bed and use tape to hold them on to it.

The pool noodle will soften the blow of hitting your toe, the foam feels better to hit then the metal legs. Unlike the towel trick the pool noodle won’t unwind because of the tape holds it on.

Stubfree Toe Stub Protection Cushion with Fabric Lining

If the pool noodle is not your thing then you can get cushions made to protect your toe. Stubfree toe stub protection cushion is that product and you can get them here.*

The Stubfree ones look better than a pool noodle and will hold up better over time. Plus its reversible too, so you can do white or black.

It’s really a clever idea that works well to keep from stubbing your toe on your bed especially if they have wheel casters.

End Caps – GashGuards

One big problem I had was that the bed frame was metal and had exposed ends where it really could hurt someone. I always worried about my kids, pets, and even me getting cut on the end of the bed frame.

I tried the old and tacky trick of taping the ends, but that doesn’t work and just makes a sticky mess.

I did find GashGuards* that works perfectly to cap off the ends of the bed frame so that you don’t get hurt.

If you go with the GashGuards then you got to make sure you measure them correctly and find the one that properly fits your bed frame.

Keep The Headboard From Hitting The Wall

One annoying thing is the headboard constantly hitting the walls, especially if you live in an apartment. If you come this far you know I like hacking pool noodles to make them work to solve my issues. And yes I would recommend a pool noodle for this one.

You take the pool noodle and cut it to size and then cut it in half. You’ll then want to secure the pool noodle to the headboard by short screws, glue, or tape. You decide how you want to secure it as it’s your bed.

So now if the headboard goes to hit the wall its got a pool noodle in the way which will soften the blow and make little to no noise. The higher the pool noodle the better as the top parts of the headboards are the ones that hit the hardest.

You could also not cut the noodle and just leave it long and place it vertically behind the bed’s headboard and use just the weight of the headboard to the wall to keep it in place. 

If the pool noodle idea doesn’t work for you then you can buy headboard/wall protectors like this one*. These protectors just wrap around the headboard and place a protection layer between the wall and the headboard.

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