The Fear of Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

I’ll be honest, buying a memory foam mattress was a bit scary for me. I didn’t know if it was going to be the best mattress for my needs. When I bought mine I didn’t have anyone telling what to look for and things to avoid.

So this is why I’m creating this post. I want to let you know some of the things I learn about buying a Foam Mattress especially ones you get online. Show you what I ran into and how it was to sleep on one.

Hopefully, this can help you in the process of buying a foam mattress.

Not All Foam Mattress Are Created Equal

Not every foam mattress on the internet that you can buy are the same. I always thought foam was foam, but I was totally wrong. There are several types of foams and the even layer different foams together to make a mattress.

Some foam mattresses are just a slab of foam – avoid these.

You want a foam mattress that has at least 2 or more layers to it. 3 layers are the golden number and offer the best feel in the foam mattress world. When buying a foam mattress look for the pictures of the product to see the layers they list off. Here is an example of a picture with a foam mattress with the right amount of layers.

Layers = Good

The Thickness

From buying several foam mattress you want to pay attention to the thickness of it. I would not buy a foam mattress that is less than 10 inches thick. It doesn’t matter if the 8 inch or 6 inch is a really good deal, you will hate having a mattress that thick.

Anything lower than 10 inches feels like you’re sleeping on a Futon. Some people might like that but if you coming from a normal spring mattress then you need a 10 inch or greater.

Right now I have sleep on a 12-inch foam mattress, and I love it. Before I had a 10 inch that worked just fine, but the extra 2 makes it feel like a dream.

Better Value

One of the worst things about getting a mattress is mattress shopping. Going to the stores to buy a mattress is like going to a car dealership to buy one, super annoying. Sales people trying to get you to buy. Signs everywhere and the feeling of un-easy while at the store.

The only real advantage of going to a story is being able to lay on the beds. Even if I do lay on the bed its really the same when I buy it and take it home. It’s like the display beds are broke in or something.

On top of that, the mattress stores try to upsell you on stuff you don’t need. This is why I love buying my mattress online. No pressure just honest people giving their input and not some salesman saying its great. I’ve also notice that prices on foam mattress can be better than going to a store to buy a regular mattress. This has to do with the amount of competition in the world.

It Will Take Time To Get Use To It

When thinking about getting a Foam Mattress you will need to keep in mind that for the first week or two you’re going to hate it.

That is the honest truth.

But after that, it will become your favorite mattress in the world. It has gotten to the point where I can’t sleep on anything but a foam mattress now.

I Had Back Problems

The keyword being “had”. On my old spring mattress, I started to get some bad back issues every time I woke up. After sleeping on the Foam Mattress twice I started to notice that my back pain was getting less worse each night.

The foam mattress really could cradle by back better. The spring mattress creates pressure points that get worse with age. Springs can get stuck and start to sag and cause a person great pain

The Foam is like have a million little springs that never wear out. Almost like sleeping on a cloud since foam is mostly made of air or pockets.

Getting Out Of Bed Is Different

This is one thing I never expected, but getting out of bed is very different. With my old spring mattress, you would just bounce out of bed. It’s quite different with a foam mattress, there is no bounce to it.

To get out of foam mattress is like a crawling out of quicksand. The bed wants you to stay if you try to climb out like a normal bed. The best way to get out of foam bed is just to role out. Simple roll your body to the sides and then put your feet down.

This is not really a problem with smaller beds, but I have a king size bed or even queen size you will need to roll out.

Not really a major problem. It’s quite nice to wake up on the weekends in a bed that doesn’t want you to leave. It’s a pleasure to sleep on foam!

Are Foam Mattress Disgusting?

I’ll be honest, one of the major problems I was having about buying a foam mattress what that I thought it would be harder to keep clean. I thought the small holes of the foam would absorb dirtier and oils which would make it harder to clean.

What I didn’t know was that most foam mattresses come with a sheet that is attached or zipped to the mattress. This sheet is what protects the mattress from harm like spills or body fluids.

Then you put your bed sheet on top of that and you have better-protected mattress than with a standard mattress. This will also help a bit with some bed bugs since you got basically two-bed sheets.

So a foam mattress is actually easier to keep clean than my old mattress was. up close to foam mattress

You can unzip the protective layer of the mattress and put it in the washer to clean it. No real need to clean the actual foam under since the protective sheet won’t allow water to get to it.

I do wash my normal bed sheets weekly, which everyone should do, and maybe wash the protective sheet on the foam mattress once a year. The normal bed sheet takes the biggest hit.

If you have an accident and the protective sheets get dirty then just take it off and spot clean the area with OxiClean. Or just throw it in the washer on a gentle cycle and dry on light cycle too. That’s the perk of two-layer protection and cleaning a mess on a foam mattress is hassle-free.

You do need to pay attention when buying a foam mattress to make sure it has the protective sheet. The most obvious way to tell is by the pictures. The protective sheets are usually white and bare foam is like an off-white almost yellow color (you know a foam color).

Also, make sure to check the reviews of each mattress to see what people are saying. If its a bad mattress then people will say so.

Forget Old Habits

Foam mattress are not meant to be flipped like a spring mattress. This is just the nature of spring mattresses. It’s actually bad to flip a foam mattress.

The reason why it bad is that foam mattresses are layered. You have a hard foam on the bottom for support and then you have many layers above that with softer foams and top layer might have a memory foam. You want to sleep on the soft side and many foam mattresses tell you which side is up.

You can also feel the different sides just by hitting it with your palm. The hard side will not give while the soft side will suck you in and bounce back a little slower. That’s the memory foam that bounces back slow, that’s what cradles you in.

You Got To Inflate The Mattress

This one blew my mind. I got the mattress shipped into my house and I had it all set up to sleep on it that night. But my 10-inch mattress was only 4 inches thick.

To cut down on shipping they vacuum compress the mattress to fit in a small box. The box may look small but they are really heavy so keep that in mind when moving it.

The instructions said to let it inflate for 24 to 48 hours. That is just stupid if you ask me. I wasn’t going to sleep another night on my old bed. I did give the mattress 8 hours to inflate where it was almost to full height. I slept on it anyways and have not seen anything negative from it.

Don’t let the inflating scare you, you can sleep on it if you want. Just give it some hours before sleeping on it.

There are some unboxing videos of foam mattress all over YouTube that show you how quickly they can inflate. Here is one….

What Kind Of Bed Frame Do I Need?

This is a topic that I want to go into more details. You don’t need anything fancy, but you do need a type of platform bed. I’m going to be doing a post on that soon so please stay tuned for the full details on the best bed frame for foam mattresses.

you don’t need a box spring, but if you do have one its okay to put the foam mattress on top of that.

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