Tips to Make a Blow Up Mattress Comfortable

Air mattresses or blow up mattresses are great things to have camping and when company comes over. Even though they’re great to have let’s be honest, they kind of suck. These air mattresses are not very comfortable. Portable and easy to store, but comfort is not one of the bigger sellers of them.

Have You Heard Of Folding Foam Mattress

I do have some nice tips to help make the air mattress a little bit more comfortable, but to be honest, have you considered a folding foam mattress? Sleeping on a foam mattress is light years better than sleeping on a blow up one. For one the foam mattress doesn’t deflate overnight and also doesn’t need to be inflated either.

These folding foam mattresses are the better alternative to air mattress for camping, sleepovers, and when guest comes over to your home or apartment.

They do have one downside and that is that they’re a little bit bigger and heavier than the blow-up mattresses so it might be a little bit harder for camping. But if you camp in the car or want to camp in style then the foam mattress with a stand is the perfect bed. If space is not a real concern then this type of mattress might be good for your needs.

You’ll want the stand to keep you off the ground and away from bugs and more importantly water that may come in from rain.

Folding foam mattresses come in many different sizes for that fits everyone’s comfort level. You can get twin, queen, and king with some manufacturers who have even more options available.  Plus this is a perfect option for someone who has a tiny apartment since they can store in closets very well.

If you plan to have a couple share a bed then the foam mattress is really the only option. It’s horrible to share a queen or king size air mattress. The air mattress transfers too much movement and will deflate and become super uncomfortable. Always do two twins if a couple is sharing a mattress so that each will be comfortable. 

More Foam

While we’re on the topic of foam, you can get foam toppers that will help to make the air mattress a little bit more comfortable.

You can get foam topper just about anywhere and do help with pain of having to sleep on a foam mattress. You got to make sure you put a sheet over the foam mattress to make sure the topper stays. The trick to keep the sheet on is to use a bed band that holds the sheet with straps.

This foam layer will also create a layer to keep you warm. Air bed will naturally get colder as the night passes. This is because it carries your body heat away from you, but the foam pad or even a sleeping bag will keep your heat insulated near you.

Get It Off The Ground

The biggest improvement to any air mattress is too simple to get it off the ground. If you’re using the air mattress for a bed for when company comes over then please get a stand for your air mattress.

Getting it off the hardwood floor is also key, especially if the air bed naturally deflates over time. Try placing the bed on the carpet to keep the squeaking down from the underside of the mattress. You know what’s up with air mattresses, why can’t we make them not deflate so much? It could just be me and the air mattresses I’ve used? I’ve been told you should look for an air mattress with at least 20 gauge vinyl to keep the pin holes away.

No one likes to get in and out of a bed on the ground unless they’re kids.

They even make air beds with stand and pumps in one unit. This is the best fit for anyone who needs an extra bed for guest as its the best option for comfort.

If you just need a stand for the bed then you can get one of those here. It’s basically a cot that will help to support the air mattress off the ground.

Use A Lot Of Pillows

Just something about having a lot of pillows makes sleeping in a different bed a little bit more comfortable. Have some extra bed pillows or even smaller couch pillows with you to make sleeping on the airbed more enjoyable.

You Need A Headboard

Not having a headboard is one of the things you’ll miss out when seeking comfort. Never place a spare bed in the middle of the room. I know the pictures on the packaging has the bed in the center of the rooms, but this is the worse thing you can do.

The headboard is there to keep your pillow from falling off. It also gives you an idea of the bed when sleeping, where it starts and begins. This helps you from falling off.

Also, you probably have a headboard on the mattress you use all the time and your body is used to having one.

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