Why Do Mattresses Have Handles

The reason why some mattresses have handles has nothing to do with moving it. The reason for the handles is for adjusting the mattress on the bed frame. 

It may seem like the handles are for when you move the mattress to a new location but carrying it by the handles can tear the mattress. We don’t recommend you move the mattress with the handles! If those handles were really for moving then the box spring would have them too.

When it comes time to flip your mattress or rotate it, you’ll use the handles for that. Or allow you to adjust the coils of the mattress by shaking it up with the handles – keeps the springs from getting used to one location.

Why Handles On Mattresses Are Going Away

The biggest reason you don’t see handles on mattresses anymore is that people were not using them correctly. People would support the entire mattress by the handles when moving and they would split the mattress. They would get mad because of this, so the mattress manufacturers have started to make mattresses without them.

Another reason is that mattresses don’t need them anymore. Handles are only useful to mattresses that you flip and many of your mattresses you get today don’t need to be flipped.

It would be silly to put a handle on a memory foam mattress or even latex mattress as those don’t need to be flipped. Many of your spring mattresses are single sided now too, and handles are not required for them.

One thing I have noticed about mattresses lately is that they’re getting heavier and heavier. So those tiny little handles are pointless for many of these large mattresses.

You can still find some mattress manufacturers including the handles, but the really good ones have the handles mounted to the actual frame of the mattress and not just the outer skin (E-vac style handles). You can tell this by pulling on the handle – if the whole fabric moves then it’s not secure. If you pull on the handle and the fabric barely moves, and you can feel like you’re tugging on the springs and their support then it’s very secure.

One interesting thing about handles you see today is that they’re for looks. The handles can not be used and are put there because people become so used to seeing them. I find that hilarious! Just makes the handles even more useless to people.

Carrying A Mattress

Since these handles are not meant for carrying a mattress what do you use instead? You can always throw a strap under the mattress when you carry it to give you a better grip. Always have someone to help you move it since most mattresses are a large and awkward shape.

Below is a creative way to move a mattress by folding it and placing it on a dolly or hand truck. I don’t recommend keeping any mattress in this shape for too much time as you can damage it.

Make sure to cover your mattress in plastic before moving, click here to learn about covering your mattress. Even if you’re only moving a few houses over it’s best to cover it as there are many bugs and dirt that could collect on a mattress in no time. Your mattress is just a giant sponge that can soak up bugs and other nasty stuff.