How To Protect Your Mattress When Moving and Storing

Moving can be a big ordeal. All the packing and moving stuff around is just a stressful time. The one thing that many people forget about is the good old mattress and what you need to protect it when moving.

Let’s think about it, you spend quite a bit of money on your mattress. So unless you plan on replacing it after you get moved in you’re going to want to keep it looking good. So what can you do?

Simple really, just use a mattress bag like this one here (Amazon Link Ad) to protect it. Sleep Tite makes one of the best mattress bags for moving! 

Do you need a mattress bag? YES! For sure you need a mattress bag. Let’s go into details why.

Why A Mattress Bag?

When moving your mattress it becomes exposed to many different items like dust, bugs, water, and other odd things. Since you’re going to be sleeping on that bad boy later do you really want to be sleeping on a dirty mattress?

Especially when the mattress is being carried in an open bed truck or even worse on the roof a car. You want to protect the mattress the best you can. Road tar and bugs really will stick to anything when traveling fast in a car. Road tar and bugs are hard to get off fabrics like a mattress, so a good moving mattress bag (Amazon Link Ad)is important. Some Mattress Bags allow you to vacuum seal them to make it air tight too!

Do They Make Mattress Bags With Handles?

Oddly enough there are not many Mattress Handles. You can make your own mattress bag handles out of duct tape and some creativity. Just make sure you don’t rip or tear a hole in the bag as that will defeat the purpose of the protective layer.


Also if you plan on storing the mattress in a storage building it’s also a good idea to wrap it up too.

Even if you plan on storing it somewhere that is climate controlled and seems clean. Trust me, bugs and such still find a way in. So a good layer of plastic protection is important.

Can a mattress be stored on its side?

Tip: if you plan on storing the mattress for a long time make sure you store it laying down and not on its side. You want the mattress in its normal position so that the coils or even the foam material can be in the position it was design to be in. 

Also, a mattress bag for moving can be a good way to keep bed bugs away. Just make sure to really seal it up and buy the correct protector.

What Should You Buy?

What you should buy really depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you spend a lot on a mattress then going for a mattress bag that is of the best quality should be your only option.

If you’re cheap and moving the next best option would be to use the moving wrap or plastic wrap like this (Amazon Link Ad). You can use this stuff for wrapping a lot of items, even a mattress. I’m not a fan of it, but if it works it works.

The reason I’m not the biggest fan is that the plastic is thin, don’t get thin plastic wraps, the thin stuff doesn’t last long and doesn’t do well in the heat. It really is more of a mess to use thin plastic than to actually buy a good purpose built mattress moving bag. Plus the thin stuff doesn’t do well against things like bed bugs and other critters.

Some Tips

  • Always consider using a covered moving truck when hauling furniture like a mattress to cut down on the nasty stuff that is out there.
  • Place blankets between the mattress and the hard surfaces they touch. This will keep tears away. You never know what it could get snagged on.
  • Never move on a stormy day. Make sure its dry and clear. Not only to protect the mattress from water damage but also for safety when carrying heavy stuff like a mattress. Here is how to dry a mattress if it does get wet.
  • Avoid storing a mattress somewhere that can be damp like a basement. Mold is a big problem and they love mattresses.
  • Make sure you clean the mattress before wrapping it up and even after.
  • When unwrapping the mattress from the protector make sure to allow it to air out for a few hours before placing the bedding on it. If it’s been siting for awhile it might smell a little stuffy and need some air to it.
  • If the bed frame has screws then use plastic baggies and label them. Make sure to tape them to the bed frame so that you don’t loose them. Here is a neat trick. Pick up some of these types of magnets (Amazon Link Ad) and place them in the bag. This way you don’t need to tape which can leave marks on some bed frames. Of course this only works on metal screws and metal bed frames. 
  • Never store anything on top of the mattress if you plan on storing it for awhile. I know its a pain especially since you got to store it laying flat, but putting something heavy on it for a long period of time can do damage and make the mattress feel odd.
  • If the mattress has been in storage for a while then it might take you a few night to get used to it. The mattress and you have not been in contact for a while so it’s not to your normal shape. So you might have to break it in again.

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