Zinus Smartbase Elite vs. Deluxe (What To Buy)

If you’re trying to decide between the Zinus Smartbase Elite vs. Deluxe, then this article is for you. Both may seem similar, but each has its perks that we want to talk about.

If you want to know the best bed frame of the two then it would be the Zinus Smartbase Elite model.

Let me explain.

Why Elite?

The most prominent reason to go with the Elite is the thicker I-Frame supports instead of the Wireframe that the Deluxe uses. Thicker metal is always going to win out when it comes to durability if you ask me.

It’s not just me saying this, check out what others are saying here about the Zinus Smartbase Elite Bed frame*.

You want as flat of a surface as possible but still, allow proper air flow especially for a memory foam mattress. The Elite offers a square tubing instead of the wire frame which gives you that flatter surface but still allows for air flow. Proper airflow is ideal if you sleep hot and we go into more details here and why a good platform bed frame is needed.

The Elite is also the only option if you’re on the heavier side as it holds more weight and is more sturdy then the Deluxe. When in doubt go with the Elite!

Perks of Both

Before we go into more detail about each lets list out what they have in common.

  • No tools required.
  • Both are quiet.
  • Both work well with memory foam mattresses.
  • Both work well with spring mattresses.
  • Both work well with latex mattresses (latex is good to sleep on if you’re wondering, it’s the best of spring and memory foam mattresses).
  • Both allow for a generous amount of storage under them.
  • This one is a big deal – recessed legs. No hitting your toes!
  • No box spring needed.
  • Easy to take down for when you move. I know this is a big deal if you live in apartments.
  • Super sturdy – you know for adult stuff.
  • Both work great for larger people, but I would go with the Elite if you’re overweight.
  • Both made of metal, so it’s harder for bugs to hide in.

Adult Activities

I know this a question many of you want to know. It’s an excellent question.

Both bed frames will be fine under the motions of active adult time, and both will not squeak. If you’re at all worried and need to know which one would do better for this particular thing then go with the Elite model.

If for some reason it does squeak then something is not right with the nylon washers of the bed frame. This is what keeps the metal on metal squeak from happening.

Memory Foam Mattress

Yes, these two bed frames will work well for your memory foam mattress. I know some mattress manufacturers are picky about slat length, but most memory foam mattresses will work fine with this bed frame.

You won’t feel the slats either, but we talk more about that below.

If you’re still not sure about the slat length issue, then check out what others are saying about the Zinus Smartbase Elite Bed Frame Here*.

Headboard and Footboard

If you want to add a headboard or footboard, you will need the optional brackets here*. It’s simple to install and easy to deal with too.

The brackets will work for both models.


If how much weight the bed frame can hold is an issue or if you have someone who flops into bed all the time then go with the Elite model.

The Elite can handle the stress and weight better, it’s twice as sturdy and holds twice the weight. If you’re average sized or won’t be bouncing in bed then the Zinus Smartbase Regular or Deluxe will be fine for you.

Can You Feel The Bars Of the Bed Frame?


Unless you have a 3-inch thick mattress, you won’t feel the bars. Most mattresses these days are 8, 10, 12, or even 18 inches thick and neither one of those will feel the bars.

If you’re using a thin mattress like a futon, you might want to consider placing plywood down or look into a thicker mattress.

Bed Riser?

You can use bed risers with this bed frame, but honestly, you might not need them. These Zinus Smartbase Elite and Deluxe are quite high off the ground, and you can fit things under them comfortably.

Storage Underneath?

The bed frame is high enough on both beds that you can store stuff under them.

I’m not a fan of this and often tell people to not store anything under there bed frames to allow for proper air flow. But if you don’t sleep hot then store as much as you want.

I still recommend often vacuuming under the bed anyway as dust and bugs will collect, and you’ll be surprised by how nasty it gets over time.

Sliding Issue?

Sliding is not as bad as if the mattress was on a box spring but it can slide if enough force is placed on it.

I don’t see this being a big problem for the average Joe, but if you’re concerned, you can get anti-slip pads that we talk about in this post here.

If you have a spare Yoga mat that can work too but don’t expect to use the mat ever again as it gets the marks of the bed frame in it.

Air Mattresses?

This is not the bed frame to use for air mattresses.

Add Wheels?

No. These bed frames are not made to be used with wheels.


Yes, the bed frame will come folded, so it’s easy to get up or down the stairs of your home. Or any other tight spots.

Sleigh Bed

You could put this inside of a sleigh bed frame if you wanted to.

How Is It Delivered?

The bed comes compress in the box shipped to your door. You will need to put it together, but no tools are required for either bed frame. It’s super easy to put together and even take apart if you need to move.