How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding Around

We have compiled 12 ways on how to keep your mattress from sliding. Since everyone’s bedding setup is different, we have several options for you to pick from.

Also, many of the gripper ideas below will work on mattress toppers and all types of mattresses in the world.

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12 Methods On How To Keep Your Mattress From Sliding

Gorilla Grip Mat – The best option. The Gorilla Grip* is made for this exact purpose.

Yoga mat – Surprising yoga mats are quite grippy. The issue is that some are too thick and you can feel it when you sleep. If you have a thin yoga mat laying around this would be a great fix to stop your mattress from sliding.

Shelf liners – Often seen in the kitchen you can also find them in the tool area of your home improvement store. I prefer the ones you buy at the home improvement store because you get more and they’re cheaper. It is used in toolboxes to keep tools from sliding all over the place; its a great affordable option for a mattress that moves too much.

Double-sided tape – Not the best option but does work. Will leave sticky residue behind so only use it as a last resort.

New bed frame – Your bed frame could be old and worn out. Why keep fighting it when you can get a bed frame that prevents your mattress from sliding. If you have box spring this could be the answer you’re looking for, check out platform bed frames.

Worn out mattress – Don’t forget to consider that your mattress could be worn out if it’s over 7 years old its time for a new one.

Velcro – I’ve had a somewhat pleasant experience with this. The trick is only to use it on smaller mattresses. A queen or king size mattresses should avoid this one.

Vacuum under your mattress – Over time dust and dirt builds up on the underside of your mattress and on top of your box spring. This dirt can act like little wheels and cause the mattress to slip around. Give the mattress a good vacuuming along with the box spring.

Welcome Mat – People laugh at this one, but it’s super effective especially you have a spare mat. The welcome mats you put in front of your door on the inside are often super grippy on the bottom. Fold that sucker in half so that the grippy side is on both sides and use that to stop your mattress. Make sure to lay the rug long ways on the direction the mattress moves or it will just unfold and not work.

Ratchet Strap – This is more of an extreme method, but boy does it work! Get yourself some ratchet straps and strap the top and bottom of your mattress to the bed frame or box spring. The only way your mattress will move is with the bed frame – so not much at all.

Mattress Encasement – While every mattress should have some type of mattress protector on it you can get encasements to help stop your mattress from moving.

Rails – Make your own wooden rails. Stick it between the box spring and the bed frame so that the mattress does not move.

How To Keep The Whole Bed From Sliding

If you’re looking for a way to keep your whole bed from sliding on the floor because you have tile or hardwood floors, then you’ll need Furniture Grippers*. They will keep the legs of the bed from sliding around on such slippery floors.

Even if you locked the wheels of your bed frame, they still slide on tile and hardwood. Those furniture stoppers keep the entire bed frame from slipping as the rubber of the stoppers give it grip.

How To Stop Memory Foam Mattress Topper From Sliding

If you have a memory foam mattress topper that keeps sliding off the top of your mattress you can also use the non-slip pads too. Just place the pad under the mattress topper and on top of the mattress to keep it from sliding.

You can also try tighter fitting sheets too. I recommend bed sheet suspenders to help keep the sheets on.

Your Mattress is Old and Nasty

If you have noticed your mattress seems to be sliding around a lot more than it used to then it’s a good clue that it’s old and nasty. Over the years body oils and other nasty stuff has created a layer that makes sliding around a lot easier.

You see this more in mattresses you flip, but even the ones you don’t still can get dirty from regular use. This is why having a mattress protector or mattress encasement like we mentioned above is so important. These protectors keep body fluids and other nasty stuff away from your mattress which helps it last longer.

So what should you do? You can clean the mattress, but if your mattress is over 5 years old, then it might be time to consider a new one.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – Mattress shopping sucks, and they’re expensive! Well, this is because you been buying the wrong mattresses in the wrong places. I find that buying mattresses online to be a better experience and they’re usually cheaper. You don’t have to deal with annoying salespeople, and online retailers don’t have the overhead like storefront retailers do so they can sell the mattresses cheaper.

But what about testing the mattress? To be honest, in all reviews and testing I do I find that most people don’t like any mattress they get…. until it breaks in. Just like shoes you need to break in the mattress. People forget this because they have had their old mattress for too long and they forget these things.

What should you buy?  When purchasing a mattress online its best to look at the reviews and also see what people are saying about the mattress before buying it.

There is plenty of mattresses to choose from, and most of them are Memory Foam. If you never slept on memory foam before, it might take a week to get used to but once you do you’ll never go back. The perk of memory foam is that it’s heavy and dense, so it’s less likely to move around on you. I like to use a platform bed frame that has wooden slats to keep the mattress from moving as much.

Hopefully, you have found a method on how to stop your mattress from sliding. The best bet if you ask me is the Gorilla Grip Mat mentioned at the start. If your mattress is old or nasty then the best thing you can do is get a new one.

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