12 Disadvantages of a Memory Foam Mattress

It seems the whole internet is in love with memory foam mattresses. All you hear about is all the good things and no one ever wants to talk about the bad.

I know this because I was apart of the problem. I love memory foam mattresses and say it many times on this site. But let’s be real and let’s talk about the disadvantage of memory foam mattresses too!

1.So Freakin Smelly!

The number one thing people complain about when it comes to a memory foam mattress is the smell. Sure, this has become less of an issue, but boy was this a big one.

You’ll still find some that are stinky, and to that, I recommend a mattress encasement since you should be using one anyway.

Some manufacturers have gotten clever in fixing the odor issue. Some infuse the mattress with other natural things to get rid of the odor. Some manufacturers even air out the mattress before shipping.

If you’re the type of person that the slightest of smells bother you, then you might want to avoid memory foam. I’ve never had a memory foam mattress smell last longer then 2 weeks; if that sounds like hell to you then avoid them. Stick to innerspring or give Latex a try.

2.Harder To Get Out Of Bed

This was one that took me by surprise. Getting out of bed is a different feel compared to an innerspring mattress.

I used to be able to “bounce” out of bed. It was something you don’t realize you do until you get your new memory foam mattress. Memory foam doesn’t allow you to bounce, it just sinks.

It didn’t take long to adjust to a new way of getting out of a memory foam mattress, but you’ll notice it that is for sure.

3.Heavy – 2 Person Lift!

If you get a memory foam mattress, a major con is its weight. Make sure to have someone help you lift them.

Not only that but it feels even heavier then it is because mattresses are just awkward things to handle anyways. It’s common for memory foam mattresses to not have grab handles making it even harder to move.

I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I question if I should take my memory foam mattress with me when moving. With prices so cheap on them online it’s less stressful to buy a new one and get it delivered to the new house then to lug this old one around.

4.Adult Stuff Is Harder (You Know What)

How do I say this without saying it?

When two adults do “adult-stuff” in bed, I find it much harder to do on memory foam.

Enough of this, you get my point.

5.You Get What You Pay For

Even though memory foam mattresses are cheaper to buy online then a retail brick and mortar store you still get what you pay for.

The biggest tip I can give is to check the return policy of the mattress before buying. How good a mattress company is, in my opinion, is how well they treat returns.

I have a post on how to return a memory foam mattress that talks more about this and the cool stuff some manufacturers are willing to do.

6.Sleeps Hot

I get sweaty walking to the mailbox, so it’s no surprise that I sleep hot.

I would say the 2nd most significant complaint that people have about memory foam mattresses is that some sleep hot. There have been strides in fixing this, and many of the modern memory foam mattresses advertise sleeping cool these days.

But if you’re the type of person where you’ll sleep hot no matter what then it won’t matter the mattress. I’ve solved this issue with a fan that I reviewed here.

7.Expensive If Bought At The Wrong Place

Everything you buy at a retail store is going to be more expensive. They have rent, lights, signs, and more employees.

A physical store can be a plus for the customer support and being able to talk to someone who knows a lot about mattresses.

If you ask me getting opinions of thousands in the reviews is worth more to me. That is why I buy my mattresses online.

The top manufacturers of mattresses who have retail stores think memory foam mattresses are made of gold and charge accordingly. This gives a bad rap to memory foam mattresses as people think it’s this futuristic luxury thing that is far from there grasp.

But then I show them you can get just as good, if not better, mattresses online for cheaper and it always blows there minds. Not going to lie, I love seeing someone make that connection.

It’s vital to shop around, not only around the block but around the internet for your next mattress.

8.Worst Things To Get Wet

This disadvantage is one that many never experience but its a big one.

A memory foam mattress is nothing more than a giant sponge. A sponge that is almost impossible to dry out thoroughly. This goes back to my point above about needing to have a mattress encasement to protect the mattress from spills.

Some manufacturers have gotten smart and are including mattress protectors. But 99% of them don’t so you need one!

Since we’re on the topic of spills, many will void your warranty if you have the slightest of stains. Makes you wonder if the mattress warranty is even worth it if a small stain can void it.

9.Some Vary With Temperature

Temperature affecting how hard or soft a memory foam mattress was a big issue when they first came out.

They still are affected by this somewhat, but you’ll more than likely not notice it. In the last 10 years, memory foam mattress makers have progressed with making these things more durable to the elements.

Also, to add to this, many won’t ever notice this because they keep there home at a constant temperature anyways. It’s when you go from 50F to 90F that you’ll feel a difference.

10.It’s Too Different

I don’t know if this is a disadvantage of a memory foam mattress, but it’s a very different experience.

Getting out of bed, into bed, and buying them I would say is different then what people expect.

Let’s not forget that most people have spent their whole lives sleeping on an innerspring and don’t know of anything different. I know this for a fact because I was one of these people.

It took me a good solid 2 weeks to get used to a memory foam mattress. The only problem now is that it’s hard to go back. Sleeping at hotels that have innerspring mattresses I find hard, and I start to notice the movements of my partner again.

What it does is create a divide where you can only sleep on memory foam, and anything else doesn’t feel right. This becomes noticeable when going to hotels or family or friends house as you don’t have enough time to adjust.

If you find yourself sleeping in a new mattress, every few months make sure they’re all alike. Don’t have one memory foam mattress out of the 3 innerspring mattresses you sleep on as you’ll start to hate the memory foam mattress. The business travelers of the world will know what I mean.

If you sleep in the same mattress 350 days out of the year then going with memory foam mattress won’t be so bad. But if you’re continually traveling or staying in a new bed that is more than likely an innerspring, then memory foam mattress might not be for you.

11.Sucks If You’re Severely Overweight

Memory foam mattresses seem to suck you in, and the more you weigh, the more you sink it.

If you’re slightly overweight like me, it’s not a big deal. But if you’re severely overweight then it might not be the best for you as getting out of bed will become very hard.

12.You Might Miss The Slight Movements Of Your Partner

I wasn’t going to bring this disadvantage up as I don’t think it is one. After getting a memory foam mattress my partner says she misses the slight movements I made in bed (sleeping of course). She said it was nice knowing I was there next to her.

Memory foam cuts down on the motion transfer and your partner might like it. Sounds odd but everyone has there own thing.

Why Write This?

I love memory foam mattresses and will recommend them over anything else.

If I love them so much why bash them?

Well, not everything is perfect and perfect for everyone. And if you have someone drilling all the good about memory foam mattresses into your head all the time can you trust them?

I want people to trust my opinion on memory foam mattresses and also be clear that there are some not so great things about them too. I’m hoping this helps you in your buying process as I know it can be stressful.