Are Mattress Warranties Worth It? – Let’s Talk About it

I’ve noticed something interesting with people claiming warranty items on their mattresses. In the selling process, they’re told they had x warranty from their salesperson. Months to years later they see a problem, and they contact the mattress maker to get the problem solved.

When the manufacturer sends someone out, and they prove that it’s a defect of the mattress, a little stain stops the mattress from being covered. The consumer gets mad and fills the internet with angry comments.

Seeing this makes a person wonder if a mattress warranty is even worth it? Let’s talk about it.

The First Mistake

The first mistake was going to a mattress store. I know, sounds stupid to buy a mattress online since you can’t feel it. Why buying online is so great is that you can see reviews and what others are saying about the mattress before you buy it which is something you can’t-do at a mattress store.

When online you have the power. You don’t have the pushy salesman pushing the mattress of the month. Another perk is that competition is fierce in the online world, so it helps to keep things in better control.

The Second Mistake – You Didn’t Get A Mattress Protector

The number one reason I’ve seen why they don’t cover a warranty item on a mattress is that of stains. A simple mattress protector can help to keep stains down. You can even go as far as getting a full mattress encasement that will cover the entire mattress.

People naturally sweat, drool and do many other things like “adult time” stuff that can stain a mattress. And it doesn’t matter how small the stain is as any stain can void a mattress warranty. If you do have a stain, we have a guide that might help to get rid of the stains here. 

Before you get mad, think of your mattress as underwear. If there was a stain in your underwear would you expect a department store to take them back? With many people sleeping naked or almost naked it makes sense to not cover a stained mattress just like it doesn’t make sense to cover stained underwear.

But I’m A Clean Person!

And I know, you’re a clean person. That is what we all think, but the truth is you’re human, and things happen. Sometimes we don’t even notice we made a stain. Even that innocent spill of the morning coffee is enough to stain the mattress, but if you had a mattress protector, you could have softened the blow.

It doesn’t matter if the stain has nothing to do with the reason for sagging or other factors that may cause you to use the warranty. Let’s not forget that a mattress is really a giant sponge and the longer you have it, the more nasty it becomes.

What I’ve found is that people get very defensive about mattress warranties not getting covered. You will find that many mattress makers will have the mattress stain clause in the warranty. Even if you have something major wrong with your mattress, a stain can stop you from getting it fixed. Kind of makes those long mattress warranties kind of pointless. They know that, and that is why they do it, the long warranties are just selling tactics.

Not A Fan Of Mattress Protectors?

People probably fear buying mattress protectors as the old ones were noisy and hot. The modern ones are so much better.

Many of the modern day mattress protectors feel and even look like an ordinary bed sheet. It’s not a big deal anymore.

Don’t Forget The Bed Frame

Stains are probably the primary reason for a mattress warranty not to work but the next reason has got to be the bed frame.

Placing your mattress on the wrong bed frame or foundation is cause to have the warranty voided. Some mattresses require box springs while some require the correct slat length for the mattress to sit on.

It’s important you get the right foundation or box spring for your mattress. And yes, you should get a new foundation or box spring when you get a new mattress.

I’ve seen many people complain that their new mattress doesn’t feel comfortable, and it’s often because they put it on the wrong bed frame or on their old one. The old bed frame is used to the old mattress and putting your new mattress on a worn-out bed frame is not going to be comfortable. I go into more detail on this topic here.

Warranty Length is not the same as Mattress Lifespan

Mattress warranties are not the same as mattress lifespan. I still recommend getting your mattress replaced every 5 to 7 years and I have a guide on why here.

Keep in mind that mattress warranties are only meant to cover manufacturer defects and not wear and tear items.

  • Sometimes the more expensive a mattress, the better the warranty.
  • Don’t rely on the salesman to know the warranty. The manufacturer has a warranty card on what is covered.
  • Never buy a mattress purely based on warranty length, many of those long warranties have long warranty papers to say what they cover and don’t cover in those long years. Buy based on what people say about the mattress and what the warranty cards actually say.

Let’s Talk About Sagging

Sagging is an issue that is found to be covered by some mattress warranties. It’s important to see how the company handles them and often the depth they allow before the warranty comes in to fix it.

If you buy from a mattress store make sure to check to see how they cover sagging before you buy it. If you have to pull out papers or check the tag of the mattress then so be it. Don’t let the salesman be sly with you, know these things before buying.

If you have sagging issues, then we do have a post on that here.

Getting The Mattress Replaced – Hidden Fees

Sure the mattress maker will replace the mattress for you but it might cost you to get someone out there to check it out, another person to haul off the old mattress and so on. Watch out if they have a deductible too. The weight of the mattress can be a lot so keep that cost in mind if they want it shipped back on your dime.

Cost is often prorated after a few years on those mattresses with long warranties. This means the longer you have the mattress, the more you will pay in cost to repair or fix it. The percent you pay is covered under warranty. Don’t be surprised after a few years the mattress has a problem, and they ask you to cover something like 30% of the cost to fix it.

Some mattresses are pro-rated, non-prorated, or both. Pay close attention to what you get.

The mattress warranty process can be slow. Many have independent inspection companies to come in to check if it’s a warranty item or not. The great thing about the independent inspection is that they don’t care either way and will only report the truth. Keep in mind that some warranties don’t cover this inspection and some will refund you if proven to be defective.

What can you do?

The best thing to do is to see what other people say about the mattress, their opinions on it. The problem is that you can’t see what others say when at the mattress store, so the best bet is to buy online.

Sure you can’t “feel” the mattress online but to be honest any mattress you sit on at the mattress store is going to feel better than what you have. That is because they’re broken in already. Plus, the online guys can have less overhead and sometimes something to prove. The online guys know the struggle of buying online, and they try to make it the best experience they can.

Probably the best perk of buying online is that you avoid the pushy salesman trying to sell the mattress of the month.

Is It Worth It?

In the end, we have to ask if the mattress warranty worth all this trouble? Yes and No. The mattress companies are not out to scam you and from what I see is that if you do the little things like getting a mattress protector and placing the mattress on the right bed frame you should be fine.

Just got to be a more informed shopper and ask the right questions about the warranty to make it worth it.