14 Q’s on Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress

I’m a big fan of companies that use simple and easy to remember names like what Zinus did with the Green Tea Mattress. This is so much easier to remember than some crazy number and letter scheme that others use.

Update: We have a New “Deep Dive” Review on the Zinus Green Tea Mattress Here. 

Also, Zinus is actually making waves here lately. I’m a huge fan of their bed frames and platform beds. Their mattresses are quite nice too!

Does not come with bed frame, this is mattress only. 

This is going to be a little review of the Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress where I answer some of the common questions people have about this mattress and others like it. This is not going to be one those of dull and stupid reviews that seem to litter the internet with useless information. This review will give you something more useful than most of the other reviews you’ll find on it.

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Green Tea?

Zinus infuses the memory foam with a natural green tea extract to help keep the product fresh.

So how firm is it?

Foam mattress tends to be on the firm side of things compared to other mattresses. A general rule of thumb is to consider the thickness of the mattress.

An 8 inch is more for back sleepers since it gives more firmness, the thicker the mattress, the softer it is.

A 10 or 12-inch foam mattress is perfect for side sleepers and some back sleepers.

A 13 inch or more is for the stomach sleepers since it gives the most amount of comfort.

Can you use a box spring?

Yes, you can use this on a box spring mattress foundation. It won’t hurt anything and some people do that since that is all they have.

The best option is to get a new foundation such as a platform bed, they work really well for foam mattress and that is what I use for memory foam bed.

Cert-PUR Certified

This mattress is Cert-PUR Certified which just means that it has low emissions for indoor air quality. Also lacks things like formaldehyde, mercy, chlorofluorocarbons, and PBDE flame retardants. So it doesn’t smell as bad as some of the other foam mattresses in the market.

Do you need specials sheets?

You don’t need any specials sheets for this bed, most standard size fitted sheets will work fine. I do recommend a nice mattress protector to keep the foam mattress from getting spills on it and ruining the warranty.


This mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty. It’s best to contact the Zinus directly with any warranty issues and warranty terms.

Does it get hot?

A common problem some people have with foam mattresses is that they can sleep hot. Now I get warm easily, like super easy. I don’t ever see this problem with all the foam mattresses I have used in the past. I’m sure its due to me using some breathable and cooling bed sheets.

Not everyone is like me and from what I see with asking and question people who have used this mattress is that it does not get as warm as the old style memory foam beds.

Is the cover that comes with it waterproof?

No, it’s not waterproof. Please pick up a mattress protector* that is waterproof, they’re worth the money.

Adjustable bed or futon

I would not use this on an adjustable bed, hospital bed, or a futon. These mattresses are meant to be laid flat. Adjustable beds and futon mattresses are made to bend at certain spots, so please get a mattress made for that.

Density of foam

The foam is about 3 pounds.

How long will it last?

This is a hard question to answer. Depends now how you use it and how often you use it. It has a warranty but that only covers manufacture defects. They do build them to last for years and years.

Can you sleep on it the same night it comes in?

You can, but usually, the golden rule for foam mattresses is to let them inflate for 48 hours. If the mattress gets to its full height by bed time then go ahead and give it try. I always give my mattress the full 48 hours to expand. I see giving up a few days to have it last a few more years as worth it.

How long can it stay in the box?

It’s best to get it out of the box within 72 hours of getting the unit. The longer it stays in the box the longer it will take for it to get back its shape. I would not wait, get it out as soon as possible.

Any latex?

There is no latex in this mattress.

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