Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress Review: Deep Dive

Online mattress shopping can be hard! So many reviews to go through and not enough time!

The only real way to find out if a mattress is worth it when buying online is to look at what others are saying about it. Just listening to one person, even if they’re the expert, can not yield the best results.

What we did is go through as many reviews we can find so that you don’t have to. We have compiled some of the useful features and also some of the bad features of the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress*. We call this a Deep Dive Review because we get into the heart of the reviews to see what people are saying. In doing this, we get some information you might miss when looking at other reviews or sites about this mattress.

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Height and Weight

One of the things that kind of sucks about buying a mattress online is that we can’t test it out before we buy it. The good news is that many people who have bought this mattress have told us their weight and height. This allows us to judge the mattress better for our needs and even see what they’re saying.

166lbs – Says it’s a fantastic bed, decompressed to the full 12 inches and says the top feels soft to them. They would buy it again.

175lbs 6′ 1” – Said he had it for a few weeks but gave him lower back pains, but the whole process of buying the mattress was quite straightforward and easy.

145lbs 5’9” (Wife) and 170lbs 6’3” (Husband) – Both of them love their Green Tea Mattress and says for the price you just can’t beat it. They love how it conforms to their body without too much of a sinking feeling. The wife sleeps mostly on her sides but finds most positions just fine for them.

205lbs – Says he’s a back sleeper and side sleeper and loves this mattress. He did not smell anything odd and it does not sleep hot for him.

140lbs – She likes it, but likes it more with a soft topper on it.

120lbs 5′ – Says it is too firm for them. Loves the company but will buy a gel topper to soften the mattress.

150lbs – It’s on the firmer side of things, but this was what he wanted. The best mattress they have ever slept on.

235lbs 6’1” – Former high school football player and says it’s been perfect for him to sleep on.

180lbs – Had it for a month and a half, and says it’s firm but not too firm. Finds it very comfortable and supports his back very well.

200lbs – Holds up so far after 5 months. Says it is firm and he barely sinks in.

175lbs – Loves how the mattress supports her and does not feel like she is sinking to the bottom of it.

290lbs – Likes the mattress, but uses it as a guest bed.

240lbs 5’1” – Says he sinks about an inch into the top layer of this mattress. Feels like a big Marshmellow (many people say this).  Sleeps fine for him on his side and overall he’s happy with it.

215lbs (Husband) 110lbs (Wife) – Finds it too soft, but the price was just right.

250lbs – No issues so far with it bottoming out on him. A Little firmer than he expected, but he likes his mattress this way.

140lbs 6’1” – Sleep now comes easy to him and it does not get hot for him. It took a little bit to get used to from his old spring mattress and says it goes great with his Zinus 14 inch SmartBase platform bed frame*.

190lbs – He only sinks about an inch and does find it firm. He can’t ever see spending a lot of money on other mattresses at Mattress stores when this one works just fine. Likes it so much that he’s going to buy another one for the guest room.

185lbs – Side sleeper and feels like it was a good purchase. Says it is not too firm or too soft, right in the middle for them.

110lbs 5‘ – Says it had no smell when she got it. Inflated in hours for her and even slept on it that night. Has no back pains from sleeping on it and loves how the mattress does not move when her husband gets in and out.

300lbs 6’5′‘ – Powerlifter and finds it extremely comfortable and perfectly firm. Recommends you wait to let it fully inflate before sleeping on it.

250lbs 6’2” – It sleeps warm to him. A bamboo mattress topper helped fix this issue and said the mattress is an excellent value overall.

250lbs – had it for 3 months and is holding up well. Says it works better for him on a platform bed frame and is happy with his purchase.

120lbs 5’4” – Finds it perfect for support and sinkage. The only problem she has with it was that it was a little heavy for her but got someone to help her carry it to her bedroom upstairs.

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Many people are very happy with the value the Zinus Green Tea Mattress gives them. Compared to the mattresses you get at mattress stores the Green Tea Mattress is a bargain.

Many people have reported that it sleeps just as good as the more expensive models they use to sleep on. Also, many find it cheaper than other “bed in a box” options and feel just as luxurious to them too.

I do see many people buying this mattress to use as a guest bed since its so affordable. Some of the ones who bought it as a guest bed ended up buying it for their regular bed because of how comfortable it is.


One word kept popping up with this mattress, “marshmallow.” A good bit of people said this mattress was like sleeping on top of a marshmallow.

And by this, I guess they mean the top layer is soft but the under layers are firm and supportive.

A very common theme I saw with this mattress and many others like it is that it will take time for most people to get used to this mattress. Some people take right to a memory foam mattress while others will need a chance to adjust to sleeping on it.

This makes sense when you think about it. You spent years sleeping on your old mattress, so it only makes sense you’ll need some time to adjust.

A lot of people have said this mattress is too soft and too firm at the same time. You’ll get this sometimes with memory foam mattresses that are made for the liking of most people. This is also what you want to see when buying a mattress online as this has a better shot for you loving the feel of it.

Compared to the other mattresses other people have had they find great value in this green tea mattress. Some even report that it feels just as nice as their older expensive mattress.


Just like with any new mattress, you’ll need to give it time to adjust. A couple of people reported that it took them a week to get used to sleeping on a memory foam mattress coming from a spring mattress. The individuals who had had fewer issues with adjusting already slept on memory foam before or had a pillow top mattress.

Also, the green tea mattress will be breaking in during this adjustment period too. Mattresses that are shipped to your doorstep will need some time to inflate and expand to the correct size. Many people reported that the mattress inflated quickly for them, but either way, you will need to let the mattress break-in and the best way to do that is by sleeping on it. To help with the breaking-in process I have a post here that shows you ways to help you.

Guest Bed and Kids

Many people who got the Zinus Green Tea mattress bought it for their guest room or their kids. The ones who bought it for the kids also bought it for their kids going to college who needed a mattress for their dorm.

I have to say this mattress will make for the perfect dorm room mattress. The price is right and so is the comfort. Many of those dorm mattresses you get are horrible in comparison to this mattress.

For a guest bed, this mattress is really nice too. Honestly, this is a great bed for sleeping on every night. But if you need an affordable guest bed then this one will work just fine.

Side Sleepers

Many side sleepers are reporting they love this mattress. I do think mattress makers are more willing to make a mattress for side sleepers as it seems there are more side sleepers buying mattresses. There were far more side sleepers giving reviews on the Green Tea mattress than any other people.

Some Side Sleepers did report the lack of edge support, but this is with any memory foam mattress. If you place your butt on the very edge of any memory foam mattress then yes it will sink. Memory foam is better a displacing weight over distance, so you lay down for it to work properly. I would avoid sleeping on the first 2 inches of the mattress as a side sleeper and just move a couple more inches in.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers loved the green tea mattress too. Not as vocal as the side sleepers, but overall they love it. Some of the back sleepers report its like sleeping on a marshmallow and one person even said tofu. This makes sense as the top layer will feel soft, but the bottom layers are supportive.

The mattress does have some springiness – about what you expect from tofu or a marshmallow. This is nice if you come from a spring mattress or if you like to do “adult activities.”


If you use a box spring with a memory foam mattress, then it will more then likely not be comfortable. I’ve seen many times where someone complains about how uncomfortable a mattress is, but then they get rid of the box spring and get a platform bed frame, and it becomes the most comfortable thing in the world.

The Zinus Green Tea Mattress works best on a platform bed. The good news is that Zinus also makes some of the best bed frames in the world. It only makes sense to have a Zinus Bed Frame for your Zinus Mattress.


Your Zinus Mattress will come in a box sealed up. You will need to allow some time for your new mattress to inflate before sleeping on it.

Some people have reported sleeping on their Zinus Green Tea the same night, and some even said it inflated quickly. I still recommend you allow your mattress to inflate before sleeping on it. I have an excellent guide here about letting your mattress inflating before sleeping on it.

While it’s inflating it will also air out. So if you do have any odors, it will start to disappear. To get rid of that new mattress smell check out my guide here.

Some people have reported that the edges don’t fully inflate. This could be by design to help with putting bed sheets on. Only a few people had a problem with it so it might not be something to worry about.


Everyone loves how they ship the mattress. Many people make it into a family event to see a mattress spring to life.

The mattress will come in a box that is smaller than the mattress itself. This is to cut down on shipping cost and to make it easier to move around.

When you get the mattress its best to get it out of the box as soon as possible. It’s also important to have the mattress where you need it to be before unwrapping it.

Does it Sleep Hot?

Sleeping warm is kind of split down the middle. Some say it sleeps hot and other say it doesn’t. Just like firmness, sleeping warm can be subjective.

Some people might have a non-breathable bed sheet. Some might even live in an area that is always warm.

Either way, I still recommend getting a Cooling Mattress Protector* so that you’re covered.

If you’re always sleeping warm then you might want to check out the BedJet*. The BedJet is a fan that blows cool air on your bed.

Does it Smell?

Many people did not have an issue with the smell. Many memory foam mattresses will have an odor when they’re packed in a box. The people who did complain about the smell said it only lasted for a few days, with many saying they did not smell anything after letting the mattress inflate for a day or two.

There was even some that stated that they never noticed any odor at all. This is excellent work Zinus!

What I found more interesting was the lack of people saying they smelled green tea. I was expecting a bunch of people to mention the smell of green tea. I found one guy, but it was a review site about the mattress.

Zinus does infuse it with green tea extract to maintain the products freshness.


A good bit of people were buying the Zinus Green Tea Mattress for their RV or Camper. Many loved it and were easy to install for them.

Just got to make sure you get the correct size for your RV since they can come in different sizes.


The more I kept reading about this mattress and thinking about the price the more I started to realize that it would be better to buy a new mattress if you moved. Instead of packing up this mattress when you move, it would be easier and better just to order a new Green Tea Mattress and get it shipped to your door of your new home.

Just an interesting thought as these memory foam mattresses get more affordable over the years.

Mattress Protector

I always recommend getting a good mattress protector like this one* to keep your mattress in good shape. I’ve seen people get turned down for warranty items because there was a stain on their mattress. Plus mattress protectors you get nowadays are soft and don’t make any noises – most feel like a regular bed sheet.

Green Tea Salute Mattress

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