Best Pet Hair Resistant Bedding Guide

What bedding is dog and cat hair resistant? See our tips below on what makes for the best pet hair resistant bedding.

It doesn’t matter if its dog hair or cat hair, it always seems to stick like a magnet to your bedding. There doesn’t exist any material yet that is 100% effective against pet hair, but there is some bedding material that gets pretty close.

If you’re in a search for comforters, duvets, quilts or any bedding that resists pet hair, then we have some helpful ideas for you. In this guide, we show you bedding that has worked well for us (also looks good in the bedroom) and give helpful tips to better control the hair-epidemic from our four-legged friends.

Best Fabrics for Pet Hair

The best material to use would be 100%┬álinen sheets. Not only is the material soft and great to use during the hot summer months it also resists dog or cat fur. It’s a win-win for pet-owners who also sleep warm!

The reason why it works so well is due to how tightly woven the material is, or its thread count. The more tightly woven the fibers the less likely pet hair will attach to it.

This is also why microfiber, silk and polyester bed sheets are great to use as the pet hair has a hard time sticking to them. While silk works great to repel pet hair, it can easily get snagged on your pet’s nails or claws and easily get ruined.

You can even find Pet Hair Resistant Bed Spreads like this one* that can help you with the fight against shedding.

Or check out StayClean Comforter here* if you just want a comforter. The pet hair just falls right off, really worth it.

The worst fabric to use is pure cotton. The animal hair is more likely to get trapped along with pet dander too. You can get some finer Egyptian cotton but honestly just stay away from cotton in general.

Mattress Protector – For Pet Hair and Pet Stains

I always recommend everyone have a Mattress Protector on their beds. Modern-day mattress protectors don’t make those plastic sounds and also help control the pet hair/dander issue.

Mattress protectors save your mattress from liquids such as dog drool, dog pee, cat vomit and you get the picture. One tiny stain on your mattress can void the warranty.

Since these protectors act like shields, the pet hair just stays on top along with anything else that may fall off such as dander or dirt. Just slip the protector in the wash and wash it by how the manufacturer recommends it to be cleaned. A mattress protector is important to have if you want your mattress to last a long time.

Pet Hair Sponge

If you don’t want to be bothered with removing the bedding to wash it all the time you can use a Pet Hair Sponge.

Think of the Pet Hair Sponge as a Magnet that when rubbed against your bedding will pick up those pet hairs for you.

Here is a Pet Hair Sponge called the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter*. It can remove cat hair and dog hair from just about anything. Really worth it if you want to sweep the pet hair off your bed, clothes or other soft furniture in your bedroom.

Reducing Pet Hair on Bed
Purring Feline Purr Kitten Domesticated House cat Litter box Claws Tails Paws

You can reduce the pet hair problem by combing your dog or cat often. This collects most of the hair that would have ended up on your bedding.

If you have a cat, you can get a self-grooming brush. No need to brush your cat when they can do it for you. Here is a self-grooming cat brush here called Sentry Groom N Comb Catnip Cat Self-Grooming Aid. *

For both dogs and cats, you can use a brush made for shedding. This way you can control the shedding which helps leave your bedding pet hair free more often.

Pet Blanket

Another way to control pet hair and to make your bed/comforter dog proof is to use a Pet Blanket like this one*. These blankets are waterproof, and pets love the feel of it. Place this over your bedding to have a pet hair resistant blanket that also helps to protect from drool and other little things.

This will also greatly help to cut down on washing your bedding too. I would recommend getting two, so you always have one on the bed while the other is getting cleaned. Another great thing is that most of the pet blankets look nice and feel soft to sleep on.

Using a pet blanket is probably one of the most pet-friendly things you can do if you want to control the pet hair and also have a soft and comfortable spot on your bed for your little four legged friends.


Anything special for puppies, kittens, or other feline friends? Nope, all comforters and bed sheets recommendeded above will work for all kinds of pet hair.

Full, Twin, Queen and King Size mattresses? You can get bedding that will fit any size mattress you have. I do want to drive the point home that you for sure need a mattress protector especially if you have pets. I can’t tell you how many times dog or cat has brought in something nasty into the bed. You don’t want that to sink into the mattress or stink up other bedroom furniture.

Washable? The duvets and covers you get that are made to hold up to pet hair and their claws will do fine in the washing machine or dryer. Just to be safe, follow the cleaning directions on the product and use the cleaner and settings they recommended.

Hypoallergenic? Unless your pet is hypoallergenic, they will shed. Not only that, but hypoallergenic bedding can also be a factor. If you suffer from bad allergies it will be worth it to buy only the bedding that is also hypoallergenic.

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