How to Break in a Memory Foam Mattress

break in new memory foam mattress

If you don’t break in a memory foam mattress correctly you run the risk damaging it. Not only can you damage the mattress but you could cause pain to yourself.

We have created this guide to help you break in your new mattress. Included are tips and tricks you can do to make sure your mattress fits you like a glove.

First Things First

If you ordered the mattress online and it came in a box, this is good. Having the mattress compressed like this helps to break it in even more, but you got to get it out of the box within 72 hours or you’ll do damage.

Once you get it out of the box I would recommend letting it rise for 48 hours before you sleep on it. I know you’ll be eager to jump into that night, but not allow it to inflate to its proper size can be bad for it.

Think of it like this – it’s better to give up 48 hours in order to have a bed last years.

Also, don’t put your bed sheets or anything on the mattress while its inflating in the first 48 hours. Place it on the bed frame or foundation or even the floor to allow it to inflate.

Break In Your Memory Foam Mattress With Your Feet

The next thing to try is walking on the mattress barefoot to break it in. You want to do this in a circle for a few minutes. Its a great work out if you got a big foam mattress.

The constant sinking and rising really break in the foam.

I would do this 5 minutes before bed and do it every night for the first month.

Note: Don’t forget to get a Mattress Protector* to keep your bed from getting ruined. 


Another thing I do to break in a memory foam mattress is the laundry basket trick. I like to use a laundry basket with a few pair of jeans. You don’t need many clothes, just enough to for the basket with clothes in it to sink 0.5 inches.

You want a laundry basket that is flat and wide when doing this.

Just place the basket of clothing on the bed and let it sit for a few hours and move it every so often to random spots. The way you break a bed in is by having someone sleep in it, but you can’t be in the bed all the time so the laundry basket is your fill in.

Now you don’t have to use the laundry basket if you don’t. You can instead take all the comforters, blankets, and pillows and clump them up in one spot and use that instead. Just move it every so often too. The laundry basket works as you get a flat surface and you can put different weights of jeans in it to make it easier.

One Last Thing

Doing these things will help to break in your memory foam mattress. There is one important thing to remember, it will take a few weeks for you to get used to your new bed. Nothing is going to feel like your old bed, but over time the foam mattress and you will start to conform to each other and it will work out.

I would give a mattress at least 2 if not 3 months before I give up on it. Breaking it in will help the process and will help you love the mattress even more. I would avoid taking off the wrapping on the foam mattress until you’re happy with it and I would also keep a good mattress protector* on it too, just in case you have to return it you don’t want it to get rejected because of some spills.

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