Mattress Causing Hip Pain? – How To Find A Solution

Do you wake up with Hip Pains? Are you wondering if it’s your mattress causing hip pains?

Well, it probably is your mattresses fault.

But… there are other factors too!

Did you know your bed frame could be causing the hip pains too? What we’re going to do is go over some of the causes that may be making your hips or even your lower back hurt. We also have a solution that we think works the best!

What we’re going to do is go over some of the causes that may be making your hips or even your lower back hurt. We also have a solution that we think works the best!

Mostly Seen In Women

I do a lot of research on mattresses, toppers, and anything that is related to sleeping. After doing hundreds of reviews, I’ve noticed that it’s mostly women who have the hip pains (they are mostly side sleepers too). Not saying men never get them, but the mass majority is women.

It really does make sense; women tend to have wider hips. And to be honest, it seems that mattresses are not catering to this need. I’ve seen numerous times where the husband is fine with the new mattress, but the wife is in a lot of pain.

In all of these cases, I’ve seen the most simple solution to this problem, and it really does help.

The Best Solution

The best solution I’ve seen is that anyone with hip pains from their mattress should get a mattress topper.

Not just any topper will do. Everyone’s needs are different, but you should look for a soft topper.

A soft topper will be more willing to cradle your hips better. Makes sure the mattress topper is more than 1.5 inches thick, if it’s 2 to 3 inches thick then that is golden.

In my honest opinion, I think a Wool Mattress Topper* is the best solution. I know what you’re thinking, and no wool does not sleep warm. Wool is a miracle material that regulates the bodies temperature the best.

There are more options out there for Soft Mattress Toppers. A Mattress topper is where I would start if you are having hip pains from your mattress.

Don’t Forget

Also, don’t forget to talk to your doctor if you have constant pains in your hips or back. You may need to speak to a specialist to make sure nothing is wrong.

Bed Frame

The bed frame is one of the things that doesn’t get talked about when it comes to hip pains. If you have an old box spring or really any box spring, then I would recommend not using it.

I find that people have fewer issues with Platform Bed Frames. When you do get a platform bed frame, you got to make sure it has slats as they give the best give and support. Also, the slats can’t be more than 3 inches apart.

If you need a sturdy bed frame, then make sure the platform bed frame is all metal with wooden slats.

The great news is that platform bed frames are reasonably priced, and most are super easy to put together.

Worn Out Mattress

I’ve got to point out the obvious. If your mattress is old then its time for a new one.

How do you determine if your bed is old? I have a post on it here, but basically, if you’re over 40 then you should replace your mattress every 5 years, and if you’re under 40, it should be every 7 years.

If you need a new mattress and want the best one you can get for hip pains, then I have a little guide here on it.

If your mattress is old and if you add a topper to it then there is a good chance it will not help with the hip pains. A Mattress Topper can only do so much for an old mattress.

If you fear to go to a mattress store or the fear of the new mattress prices have got you from buying a new mattress then I have some good news for you. You can buy mattresses online and have them shipped to your door. It’s probably the best way to purchase a mattress.


Another thing people often forget to check when they have hip pain is the pillow. Yes, I know it sounds odd but the wrong pillow could cause of other issues too.

If you have hip pains from your mattress, then you’re mostly a side sleeper and side sleepers need a good pillow. A pillow that is flat doesn’t give correct support to the head which is connected to the spine which is connected to your hips.

A Contour Pillow works well for side sleepers and can put you in the right directions for solving pains in your back, neck, and even your hip.

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