Can You Remove The Pillow Top From A Mattress?

If your pillow top mattress is starting to sag, like it’s hurting your back, hips, or neck, then it’s time for a change.

You look at it and think you can remove the pillow top layer. While this is true, there are much better ways to go about this that I want to talk about.

Don’t Remove It

I’m going to save you the trouble, whatever you do don’t remove the pillow top layer.

You could end up doing more damage and make more of a mess then if you left it alone.

I’m seeing people recommend to cut open the mattress to remove the pillow top. That is excessive.

Some pillow tops do have a zipper that allows you to remove the top layer. Check to see if you have that instead. This is a great way to fluff up the mattress too.

Do This Instead

Instead of cutting open your mattress just flip it over.

Many of the pillow top mattresses can be used on both sides. Some of the older pillow tops are pillow tops on both sides, so check that first.

Unless you got the cheaper pillow tops that are hollow and one side only, flipping the mattress over can be a great new way to sleep on it.

The best part is that after a few months of sleeping on the other side the pillow top will flatten out and can be comfortable again.

I do recommend getting a mattress topper to put on the other side because going from soft pillow top layer to flatter and the harder side will be hard to get used to. You’ll want to stick to the 3 inch or greater thickness toppers like LINENSPA 3 Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper*.

An Even Better Idea

The best thing to do is get a new mattress.

Now before you get mad and walk away, hear me out.

Your pillowtop mattress might have cost you an arm and a leg and some guy on the internet telling you to buy a new mattress might not be sitting well with you.

But the problem is that you bought that mattress from a retail store. Retail stores are bad about selling pillow tops because they feel good when you first lay on them when shopping and they know this and will charge you more for them. If anything, pillow tops are not that great in the long run. I don’t recommend them to anyone I know as it’s a constant battle to keep them fluffed up.

The best tip I can give is that you need to stop going to mattress stores. When you buy from a physical location, you’re paying the extra cost that a retail location has like lights, rent, and pushy salesmen commissions.

Instead, you should consider buying online. You’ll find prices that might surprise you, just take a look a the Zinus Green Tea Mattress on Amazon*.

Not only that, you don’t have pushy salespeople trying to sell you the mattress of the month. Another huge benefit is that you can see what real people have to say about it in the reviews.

If you’re concerned about warranty and want a long trial period on a mattress, you buy online then check out DreamCloud Mattress. They have a crazy good trial period and are super easy to deal with.

Other Ideas

The pillow top layer might not even be the issue. The sagging in the middle could be the springs. You might have gotten unlucky with your mattress and the springs have worn out. I recommend checking out my post about mattress sagging.

If only one partner side of the mattress is sagging, you might only need to make that side firmer. Adding mattress toppers to the side that is starting to sag can help with this. No need to do surgery on your pillow-top mattress if a simple topper can fix it.

Remove The Lumps

The cotton in the pillow top layer could be creating lumps, don’t worry they’re easy to remove.

If you can, remove the pillowtop layer and hang it outside. While using a broom handle, beat the lumps out.

If you can’t remove the pillow top, then have someone help you carefully lift the mattress up against the wall. Use a broom handle to beat the lumps out while being careful of your surroundings. The goal is to get the mattress in a new position that is not laying down so you can massage the lumps out.

When you set the mattress back up make sure to rotate the mattress. You want the side of the mattress where your head used to be at the feet.

Another trick you can do to remove lumps is to lay on the mattress and roll in many different directions. This can be fun to do especially for the kids.