How To Fix a Sagging Mattress

There is nothing worse than having a sagging mattress. A saggy mattress can put you in pain for the whole day which will just ruin everything.

Kind overdramatic, but no one likes a sagging mattress.

Since I’m the master of bed knowledge, I thought I would answer this age-old question. —How to solve the saggy mattress issue.

How To Fix a Sagging Mattress

Step 1: You throw it out and get a new one.

Just kidding, but really if you can afford it then consider a new Memory Foam Mattress since they don’t sag like some other mattresses. A whole new mattress might be cheaper than you thought if you buy it online.

If you can’t afford it, then you’re going to need something that pushes back where the sag is. This something is best found as a “Mattress Helper (Amazon Link Ad)“.

The mattress helper will become your best friend as it will help you in the fight of the sagging mattress. It will be there to support you when you need the support the most. —They should call it the “mattress friend”.

So Why Does a Mattress Sag?

Much the reason anything will sag – Gravity. Yeah, that jerk.

The most common mattress style to sag is the innerspring mattress since the springs will over time create a “memory” and won’t recoil as much. This memory creates a dip in the mattress where you lay most often.

Since humans are creatures of habit, you will always default to your most comfortable sleeping position at night and the mattress will remember that.

Since you can’t remove the springs from the mattress, you need something to counteract the spot. This is where the Mattress Helper comes in, it pushes back and gives you the support you need and helps to get rid of the lump or hole.

Can I Use A Pillow?


A pillow is very silly to use to solve such a hard problem. Get it? Pillows are soft and not hard; you need something hard to solve the issue. Sorry – no more bad jokes.

Using something soft like a pillow will not address the problem, it might be okay for the first night, but it will not be a permanent fix. You need something hard like the Mattress Helper.

Other Options?

Yes. You can get the No-Sags (Amazon Link Ad) one which works very well too. It solves the same problem, and both seem to be real winners if you ask me.

But if you’re looking for the free or cheap version then you might have a hard time. Is another bad night sleep worth the pain of trying an unknown method that will mostly not work because it was free or cheap? Just keep using a pillow until your Mattress Helper or the No-Sags arrives. It will be worth it.

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