How To Get Milk Out Of A Mattress

Milk is one of those things that can really stain and even smell if spilled onto a mattress.  Milk can really smell if it’s left on the mattress for too long. So what do you do when you spill milk on a mattress? Well, you don’t cry about it! (Sorry I had to do that lame … Read More

How To Stop Mattress Spring From Squeaking

Nothing more annoying than a squeaking mattress spring. Every time you move you get the annoying squeak in your ear that can rattle you awake when you’re trying to sleep. The noise you could be hearing might not even be the mattress or its springs. It could be the box spring, the bed frame, or even … Read More

Mattress Lifespan – How Long Do They Last?

How long should your mattress last? What a great question, but has so many answers. It’s so hard to find one straight answer from people. So what I did was a little digging to see what that golden age should be. I actually found some info I never even thought about. The real and truly … Read More