How Deep are Most Mattresses

Mattress thickness or how deep they can be have changed quite a bit in the last decade. It used to be that 7 inches was the standard mattress thickness. Now you see more mattresses 10 or more inches deep.

I’m seeing that 10 to 12 inches deep have become the standard for most mattress manufacturers these days. I’m not surprised by this as many people wanted this.

Why So Deep?

The reason why you see more mattresses 10 inches or even some I’ve seen 24 inches thick is because everyone thinks a thicker mattress equals better.

It does get to the point that too deep is too much. I feel anything beyond 15 inches thick is just a waste unless you like a tall mattress.

The 10-inch deep mattress is really the golden number for a mattress. It’s a good compromise on firmness and softness most of the time.

Usually, a mattress that is thicker is also softer. While a mattress that is thinner can also be firmer. This is why some mattress makers will have a 8 inch, 10 inch, and a 13 inch model of the same mattress. This allows you to pick the firmness you like.

If you don’t know which one to choose always go with a 10-inch deep mattress. I’ve seen fewer people complain about a 10-inch model compared most other thicknesses out there

What About Bed Sheets

If you have some old bed sheets and you’re planning on getting a new mattress, then you might want to consider new sheets too.

Mattresses are only getting deeper and thicker, so deep pocket bed sheets are a must.

Not only do you need new bed sheets but also consider a mattress protector (Amazon Link Ad). Mistakes do happen, and a simple mattress protector can save your mattress. I’ve seen people get turn down for warranty work because of a stain, a mattress protector would have helped to stop that stain.

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