Little Review of the Zinus Platform Beds

Platform beds are really taking over the mattress world. Gone of the days of needing a box spring or foundation to support your mattress. Now all you need is a good platform bed to support your mattress.

These platform beds really work well with the foam and latex mattresses. I use and recommend a platform bed if you get a foam or latex mattress.

There is one platform bed company that I want to talk about and just list off some of the nice bed frames they sell. Zinus makes a lot of platform beds in many different styles, I’ll cover as many different styles as I can in this review.

Review: Zinus Smartbase Elite Vs. Deluxe

Who is a platform bed made for?

A platform bed is just another bed foundation to support a mattress. They’re simple and often easy to pack up and move. Platform bed frames usually offer places to store things under them since they have good height for storage.

You can get them in many different styles from a plain metal frame to a nice leather style frame.

Simple metal frame

Let’s start off with the simplest of the platform beds, the metal frame. Zinus makes the SmartBase Elite Mattress Platform Bed Frame* as there simple bed frame.

As I was saying earlier these style bed frames offer great storage under them and Zinus really takes it to the max with this bed frame.

As you can see on the picture on the right you have a lot of storage options under the bed compared to a normal foundation with a box spring. Box springs are out – platform beds are in.

One thing you might overlook when buying a platform bed online is the legs. Zinus makes the legs on the outer of the SmartBase tucked in so that you don’t hurt your toe.

The attention to detail is nice since they engineered it to be silent. Noisy metal bed frames are very common. Zinus made it so that you don’t need to worry about this. The seems and way all the joints mount together to keep the squeak away. I’m about 240 and I can’t make it squeak – it’s a win!

There is no need for a box spring for this bed frame. I know some people still go out and buy plywood board to put the mattress on, but it’s not needed. Doing the plywood board would make the mattress firmer if that’s what you’re going after. Some worry that the seams will cause a foam mattress to sag, but this is not the case with modern foam mattresses.

Please note the platform bed does not come with a mattress.

Zinus Upholstered Platform Bed

I’m going to play favorites, The Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed with Wooden Slats*, is amazing! It makes me feel classy with its look.

You know what I worried about getting this type of platform bed? Those wooden slats look like they’ll break. No joke I lighted climbed into bed the first night. Don’t be paranoid like me, they’re strong!

Besides looking good these platform beds really are super functional. It doesn’t have the storage under it like the SmartBase above, but it does store very easy for when you move.


You can fit the entire bed frame into the headboard. The even ship it with all the parts in the headboard to show you how it all goes if you want to pack it up when you move. This is awesome if you live in an apartment, this is the bed frame you need.

But other times you can also use that storage as a hidden compartment. I’ll keep important info and money in this hidden compartment because no one will check the bed frame. This is the future of storing money under the mattress.

Just like the SmartBase Simple Metal Frame, you don’t need a box spring. I would never consider it because of the way it’s designed.

If you’re looking to get a foam mattress or even a latex mattress and you want it to look good then you need to get this style platform bed. Makes you feel high class without the high-class price!


One question I do get is if it squeaks. This style of mattress really doesn’t experience that. There is really no metal that touches to cause the squeak and the fabric is really the only thing that touches each other.


It’s pretty easy to put one together. You get all the tools you need to put one together.

But if you’re like me then anything to keep your hands from hurting is golden. I use one of these ratcheting screwdriver kits to help me when putting any type of bed frame together. This type of kit is great because it has a lot of options for sockets and it got a swivel.

Avoid using bed risers or casters with these type of platform beds. It can void the warranty since it can put stress on the legs that they’re not made for.

No headboard platform bed

The last style of platform bed frame is the simplest one.

Just take the headboard off of the platform bed above and you have this style. Sometimes you don’t need or want a headboard.

Just like the other platforms beds from Zinus you have a good amount of storage under this bad boy.

The great thing about having wooden slats like what’s on this bed frame is that it keeps your mattress from sliding too much. The metal look of the feet and frame really does look good.

If you’re looking for something simple then Zinus Modern Studio Platform 1000 bed frame* is the ticket.

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