How To Cool Your Memory Foam Mattress (12 Ways)

The biggest complaint when it comes to memory foam mattresses is that they can sleep warm. While it’s true that memory foam mattresses sleep hotter then other mattresses it’s not always the mattresses fault. I personally sleep hot and have researched this topic quite deep and have come up with many things to try. I … Read More

15 Reasons Why You Need A Mattress Protector

Is a Mattress Protector necessary? Yes, 100% yes! So much so that I’ve gathered a nice list of reasons why and even go further on some of the ideas too. If this article doesn’t convince you to get a mattress protector, then I don’t know what will. What I Like Before I list out all … Read More

How To Clean A Used Mattress (The Right Way!)

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting a used mattress from your mom or some guy down the block who both seem clean – a used mattress can be one of the most disgusting things you’ll run into. A mattress is the only thing where we spend hours on sweating, drooling, and doing other “adult related … Read More

Are Mattress Warranties Worth It? – Let’s Talk About it

I’ve noticed something interesting with people claiming warranty items on their mattresses. In the selling process, they’re told they had x warranty from their salesperson. Months to years later they see a problem, and they contact the mattress maker to get the problem solved. When the manufacturer sends someone out, and they prove that it’s … Read More

Is It Safe to Buy Used Mattresses?

Maybe money is tight. Maybe your friend or family member is willing to give you a second-hand mattress. Maybe you’re going to college and sleeping on a dorm mattress. Whatever the reason you might be wondering if it’s safe to sleep on a used mattress. Personally, I wouldn’t, and I have some reasons why in … Read More