Is A King Size Mattress Destroying Relationships?

I was reading (as I do) about mattress related stuff and I came across some forums and even other websites saying that a king size mattress can be bad for a relationship. They say a big bed creates a “dead bedroom.” A common trend was them saying the space between you and your partner becomes greater … Read More

What Size Mattress for a Teenager – What Works The Best?

The most common size mattress for teenagers has been a Twin Xl, but this is not the best size to go with. A queen size mattress is ideal for teens and beyond. A queen size mattress allows a teen to grow with the mattress and they’re less likely to grow out of it. You don’t want them … Read More

Why Do Mattresses Have Handles

The reason why some mattresses have handles has nothing to do with moving it. The reason for the handles is for adjusting the mattress on the bed frame.  It may seem like the handles are for when you move the mattress to a new location but carrying it by the handles can tear the mattress. … Read More

How to get a Large Mattress Up the Stairs

The last thing on your mind when you moved or bought your new mattress was getting it up the stairs. Sometimes homes make it hard to get things up the stairs, and it doesn’t matter if its a Queen mattress, King mattress, or whatever – it’s going to put up a fight. The good new … Read More

How To Clean Memory Foam Mattress or Topper From Stains

Accidents will happen especially on mattresses. Nothing worse than having urine, vomit, sweat, or even blood on your mattress. It gets even worse if it’s a Memory Foam Mattress because it’s a giant sponge ready to soak up anything. The good news is that this problem can be fixed, but you got to do it the … Read More