How to Clean Yellowed Bedding

Nothing more disgusting than seeing yellow bed sheets or yellow pillowcases. It doesn’t matter if its a cover, pad, or even a mattress protector – no one likes to see their bed sheets turn yellow.

There is more than one reason why your sheets turn yellow. The most common reason is sweat. The oils, acid, and salts in your sweat can change the color of your bed cover.

Also, letting the sheet dry in the sun and washing it in different colors can make it turn yellow. If the sun is changing your bedsheet color, then it might be more permanent. The sun has bleached your bed sheet to a new color.

If your bed sheets are turning yellow, then the most likely cause is that you’re sweating on them. Let me show you how to fix this problem.

How to fix the yellow sheet and pillowcase problem

The biggest reason for your covers to change color is from you sweating, and if you don’t fix the sweating issue, then you’ll keep on having dirty sheets.

You might want to consider getting some “cooling bed sheet protectors”. These cooling bed sheets breathe a lot better and allow you to stay cooler.

It might be worth it to try out a wool mattress pad since wool has a great way to regulate body heat. Click here to see my review on wool mattress pads.

If you’re a heavy sweater, then you will need something more active at cooling. A BedJet is a bed style fan that blows air on you under the covers so that you stay cool. It even has a heater for when winter comes around.

If your bed sheets are green, blue, red, pink, or some color besides white, then you might want to consider getting white sheets instead. The acid and salts in your sweat can react to the dyes to change the sheets to all sorts of colors. A white sheet is easier to keep clean and reacts better to acid in your sweat.

To clean the bed sheet: To clean the sheet you’ll want to follow the directions on the label, every sheet is different. The general rule of thumb is to wash it like normal in your washing machine but don’t use Bleach. You want to use Oxiclean.

Please don’t use baking soda and vinegar. You’ll see everyone saying how great it is, but it doesn’t work as well as using Oxiclean.

To dry the sheet or covers: place in dryer and tumble dry on low heat.

Extra oily: If the bed sheet or pillowcase is extra oily and nasty I often get a drop of dawn dish soap in water and pre-treat it. Dawn is made for getting off grease and oils. It’s best to try a small area first before dumping the whole sheet in dawn-water to see how it reacts to it. I find that the pre-treat with Dawn and wash with Oxiclean to be the most effective.

Note: if your night sweats are severe, please contact your doctor.

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