Do You Tip a Mattress Delivery Person?

You don’t have to tip the Mattress Delivery Guy, just as you don’t have to tip the waitress serving your food.

But you should.

Not tipping the mattress delivery guy is not as bad as not tipping your waitress, but you get the point.

How Much Should You Tip The Mattress Delivery Guy?

If you’re going to leave a tip for the guy(s) delivering your mattress, it depends on what they have to go through to get your mattress to the place you want.

Ultimately, what you give as a tip is up to you. Tipping in the $5 to $20 range is standard dependingĀ on what they have to do.

For example, if all they are doing is placing the new mattress on the first level of a home or apartment, then I would say $5 will do for each person.

If they have to go upstairs, then I would say $10 per person is fair especially if it’s a Queen or King mattress.

If they have to go up many flights of stairs, remove the old mattress, or go out of their way to get the mattress to you, then give them each $20. Especially if they go above and beyond to get you your new mattress.

If you have the extra cash, then feel free to share the love with more money, but overall I consider these good numbers for tips. Mattresses can be cumbersome and removing old mattresses can be nasty even if you’re a clean person. When you get stairs involved, it becomes harder and more dangerous, so please give them tips.

When NOT To Give a Tip

Like I’ve said before, giving a tip to the guy delivering your mattress is up to you. So if you have a terrible experience with the delivery people, then your tip should reflect that.

Don’t confuse a bad experience at the mattress store, since the delivery guy has nothing to do with that. Don’t let warranty issues keep you from tipping too, I go over if mattress warranties are worth it here.

If the delivery guy is rude, then I would not give them a tip, but chances of them being rude are very rare. Just be nice to them, and they’ll be nice to you.

I would give at least $5 to them since they are helping you and making your life a bit easier. If you have more for them to do then give them more of a tip, it is that simple. 

Tip the Mailman Or UPS/Fedex Driver?

If you bought a mattress online, which you should since they’re so much more affordable, I still think you should give the mailman or UPS/FedEx driver a tip. A $5 tip is more than enough for them, and the only reason is that these mattresses can be heavy (some up to 100lbs!).

If the driver is willing to take the bed into your home or even in your bedroom (not many will), then give them $10 to $20 tip. They just helped you a lot by doing this.

One More Thing…

Since you have a new mattress, it would be wise to protect your new investment as much as possible. One of the best ways to protect your mattress and also help keep the warranty intact is to get a Mattress Protector.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, mattress protectors are not those plastic vinyl things that sleep hot anymore. They have come a long way from the old style of mattress protectors.

I like using the SafeRest Waterproof Mattress Protector for my bed. It blocks all types of liquids, even my glass of milk before bed spills that I sometimes have. To prove how great this thing is I spilled soda on it to prove it stops liquids.

There are many Mattress Protectors to choose from, and they’re worth the cost. I’ve seen many people get turned down for warranty items on their bed due to them spilling soda on their mattress and it leaving a stain causing them to deny their claim.

It’s always a good idea to get a mattress protector for your new mattress.

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