Review: Lucid 10 Inch Mattress W/ Mattress Protector

It’s about time. For the longest time, I’ve always been telling people to get a mattress protector with there new mattress. It only makes sense, people sweat, drool, spill drinks, and do other nasty stuff in bed. Why don’t mattress protectors come with every new mattress? Lucid has listened and delivered with this mattress. In … Read More

BedJet V2 Detailed Review

After spending several nights with the BedJet, I want to tell you my experience with it. Show all the little things I learned from unpacking it all the way to using it every night. This review is me answering the many questions I had, and I’m sure many of you have about buying the BedJet. … Read More

Can You Put a Box Spring on the Floor?

Is it going to hurt anything if I leave my boxspring directly on the floor? The answer is NO… but there is more to it. There is going to be more to it then wondering if you’ll damage your box spring by placing them on the floor and I want to cover that in this … Read More

Can You Remove The Pillow Top From A Mattress?

If your pillow top mattress is starting to sag, like it’s hurting your back, hips, or neck, then it’s time for a change. You look at it and think you can remove the pillow top layer. While this is true, there are much better ways to go about this that I want to talk about. … Read More