Review: Zinus Memory Foam Cloud-like Mattress

If you read all my other post you’ll see I’m a big fan of Zinus, especially their bed frames. Zinus also makes some nice memory foam beds like the 12 inch Premium Cloud-Like Mattress.

Often it can be hard to find reviews that answer some of the most basic questions about the product you want to buy. Well, that is where I’ll come in.

I’ll try to answer some of the most common questions about this mattress and others like it. This will hopefully help you in your buying process of finding the best memory foam mattress.

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Does it have an odor?

The most popular question I get ask on memory foam mattress is about the smell. The older style foam mattress would have a smell that was given off when people first bought them home. This problem is less common in today’s memory foam mattress.

I can’t detect anything out of the ordinary for this mattress when it comes to odor.

Does it sleep hot?

Nope. I’m the kind of person to sweat all the time, especially in bed. I have not worked up to being sweaty but I do have a cooling bed sheets like this (Amazon Link Ad) that work well to keep me cool when sleeping.


I would call this mattress a bit firm. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is hard I would say this mattress is about an 8.

Do you need a box spring?

Box springs are a thing of the past with this kind of mattress. I even did a little write-up about how pointless box springs are here.

If you already have a box spring then you can keep using it with this bed frame. If you need a bed frame then I would suggest a platform bed frame since they work the best for this style.

Bed Sheets?

A lot of people ask me if you can use regular bed sheets with this mattress and the answer is yes. I often tell people to buy deep pocket bed sheets since they will hold up better.

Mattress protector?

Always get a Mattress Protector (Amazon Link Ad) when you sleep in your new bed. A mattress protector can prolong the life of the mattress by keeping liquids like sweat from touching and ruining it.

Plus no one is perfect and sometimes you’ll eat in bed and will spill something. So its nice know the mattress protector will keep everything nice and safe.

Can you put the Zinus Memory Foam Premium Ultra Plush Cloud-like Mattress on the Floor?

Yes, you can but I don’t suggest you do. I have a nice post on this topic here. It’s best to no place a mattress on the floor to keep water and bugs away.

Can you sleep on it right away?

It’s best to allow the mattress to inflate to it correct size for 24 to 48 hours. I know this may sound crazy and you want to sleep on it right away but trust me it’s better to give up 2 days to get years of use out of it.

If you want to learn more about why you should let the mattress expand I have a post about it here.

How is it shipped?

This and many other mattresses you buy online will come compressed in a box. This is to cut down on shipping cost and make it a bit easier to move around. So when you get it make sure you place it in the bedroom before opening as it will expand quickly out of the wrapper.

How long can you keep it in the box?

You’ll need to get the mattress out of the shipping box within 72 hours to keep from damaging the mattress. It’s not best to keep them in the packaging for too long.

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